Yukari🌙Akari⭐Night Updates

The Yukari🌙Akari⭐Night DJ event takes place in just 3 days, and we have some new updates for fans who plan on attending!

DJ Timetable

The full list of participating DJs and when they will take to the turntable have been revealed! All times are JST:

4:30~5:00 PM: Kizuna Akari

5:00~5:05 PM: Yukari & Akari

5:05~5:35 PM: Yuzuki Yukari

5:35~6:10 PM: かごめP / KagomeP

6:10~6:45 PM: marok

6:45~7:20 PM: ちょむP / ChomP

7:20~7:55 PM: Akihiro Ohtani a.k.a ツナマヨ / Tsunamayo

7:55~8:30 PM: 悠雨 / Yuu

8:30~9:00 )M: Announcements


すずみやはやや / Suzumiya Hayaya and RENA

Drinks & Coaster Sets

Drinks made from an original recipe by リベラ / Ribera – creator of the Nonbei Yukari series – will be available! Each drink comes with a free coaster bearing the event logo.

Tipsy Yukari Coaster Set: ï¿¥1,000 JPY

Tipsy Akari Coaster Set: ï¿¥1,000 JPY

Non-alcohol Yukari Coaster Set: ï¿¥900 JPY

Non-alcohol Akari Coaster Set: ï¿¥900 JPY


We also got a look at the towel and T-shirts provided by October Beast that will be available at Yukari🌙Akari⭐Night!

To recap, here is the available merch that attendees will be able to purchase.

Yukari Akari Night T-Shirt: ï¿¥4,000 JPY
Available in M, L, and XL sizes

Towel (Yuzuki Yukari, Kizuna Akari, and Tsurumaki Maki versions): ï¿¥2,500 JPY each

Yukari Akari Night T-Shirt + Tote Bag + Yuzuki Yukari Towel Set: ï¿¥7,500 JPY

Yukari Akari Night T-Shirt + Tote Bag + Kizuna Akari Tower Set: ï¿¥7,500 JPY

※The tote bag and T-shirt are the same in both sets
※The tote bag is not being sold separately

Finally, we’d like to also make a note that this event is getting support from high places.

Yukari🌙Akari⭐Night will take place this Friday on August 16, 2019 at Kichijoji Club Seata. If any more updates are announced between now and then, we’ll report them here!

Follow the event organizers on their official Twitter!

**UPDATE ON AUGUST 17, 2019**

The event has concluded, and you can see (and watch!) some highlights from the night by people who attended below!

See our initial report here.

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