Xin Hua at the Creative Yunnan Cultural Industries Expo 2019

The 2019 Creative Yunnan Cultural Industries Expo took place at Kunming, China on Thursday, August 8, and fans of Xin Hua who were in attendance had some sights to enjoy!

TANITA Collaboration

During the expo, a collaboration between Xin Hua and TANITA was revealed at their event space. A new design was even created by 朔朔 / Shuo for the event, showing a very sporty side to the VOCALOID character.

A life-size popup display of Xin Hua in her new outfit could be seen alongside TANITA’s posters promoting healthy lifestyles and dieting. It’s very possible that more will come from this collaboration in the near future, so stay tuned for developments!

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Xin Hua on Gatebox?

Also at the expo, it was announced that Gatebox will soon be making its way into the Chinese market. Gatebox CEO Jin Nakamura was even present to demonstrate Hikari Azuma to the crowd, and how she interacts as a virtual A.I. to owners of their product.

What is relevant to VOCALOID fans is that Gatebox is being brought into China through a partnership with the Shanghai Fangcheng Group., which Xin Hua’s rights holders, Shanghai Wangcheng Information Technology Co. Ltd., is a part of. The goal of the partnership is to promote Gatebox in China with a focus on “virtual idol culture.”

In fact, towards the end of the official announcement article, Xin Hua is even pictured and introduced to readers while it was hinted that someday, a certain “virtual idol, brimming with the national characteristics of China, will sing beautiful songs for us with her elegant and cute voice.” Could this mean that Xin Hua will become a Gatebox character someday? We’ll have to wait and see, and as always, we will report on any developments!

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