Hatsune Miku x Glico 2019 Collaboration Announced

This year’s collaboration between Hatsune Miku and Twin Magicians Lico and Gli (mascots of Glico) has been revealed!

Starting on August 20, anyone who purchases at least 3 pieces of Glico products at participating AEON malls in Japan (Honshu and Shikoku only) will receive a set of A6 clear file folders!

These folders will come as one, but can be detached down the center to become two separate folders! They feature artwork of Miku, MEIKO, and KAITO, and Luka with Lico, Gli, and other Glico characters illustrated by 燈彩 / Hiiroto.

Whether or not these folders will have special AR capabilities like in past collaborations remains to be seen. However, the main news page announcing the collaboration contains a link to the Twin Magicians Lico and Gli app on the App Store and Google Play, implying that perhaps the app can be used with the products in some way. We will see if any announcements regarding this are made!

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