Luo Tianyi x Shumen Collaboration Updates

The previously reported collaboration between Luo Tianyi and Shumen is in full swing, and there have been some exciting announcements for players!

Login Game

A login game is now playable on your web browser here. It can also be played on your mobile phone by scanning the QR code above.

The game is available until October 10, and it lets players roll a dice once a day to move around a grid and let Tianyi collect prizes for them. Please note that you will need an 11-digit Chinese cell phone number in order to play the game, however.

New Outfit and Contest

Tianyi now has a new design with fox ears and a tail by Catcan! Below, you can even find wallpapers featuring the design, which all come from here.

Furthermore, a contest is currently being held that makes use of the new outfit!

Between now, and October 16, fans are challenged to create something themed around “Sichuan Cuisine” and using Tianyi’s new design.

Acceptable entries include but are not limited to: illustrations, comic strips, chibi manga, clay sculpture, MMD model, etc., as long as it uses Tianyi in her new design and is themed around “Sichuan Cuisine.”

How to participate:

Follow Shumen on Weibo.

Post a pic of your entry featuring Tianyi in her new outfit and themed around “Sichuan Cuisine” on Weibo.

Hashtag your post with #依食记# and give it the subject #洛天依[超话]#

Tag @蜀门手游 in your post.


Your post gets 2 points for every share that it gets, 1.5 points for each comment, and 1 point for each Like

The first 60 people to participate will get 20 points


First place: ¥1000 RMB + Luo Tianyi Official Watch + Shumen’s custom cushion

Second place: ¥712 RMB + Luo Tianyi Official Watch + Shumen’s custom mouse pad

Third place: ¥233 RMB + ¥Luo Tianyi Official Watch + ¥Shumen’s custom keychain

The first 60 people to participate will get a Tianyi gashapon figure

All information comes from this Weibo post:

In fact, anyone who follows Shumen on Weibo and shares the post can win:

¥2,000 RMB (1 winner)
30cm tall Tianyi plushie (10 winners)

If more updates and developments on the collaboration come to light, we will report on them here!

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