Tohoku Zunko x War of Zodiac Collaboration Now Live

※Note: all translations and transliterations below are unofficial

The Tohoku Zunko collaboration with War of Zodiac (also known as “WoZ”) was first announced back in April, and has been promoted ever since. Now the collaboration – officially titled “Wow of Zunda” ~To the Zunda Cafe in WoZ~ – is finally live in the mobile RTS game! Here’s what players can now enjoy.

Tohoku Sisters Units

Prior to launch, the War of Zodiac Twitter page has been revealing what Zunko, Kiritan, and Itako can do when played in the game.

Tohoku Zunko

Artist: ネコメガネ / nekomegane

Mid-distance type hero-unit

Innate skill: “Zunda Heal” [Restores 10% of max HP to 1 nearby ally hero]

Tohoku Kiritan

Artist: ごとー / Gotoo

Long-range type hero unit

Innate skill: “Kirtan Gun” [Reduces movement speed for attacking units from a targeted tower]

Tohoku Itako

Artist: 伊月あづま / Koretsuki Azuma

Close-range hero unit

Innate skill: Will O’Wisp [Fires a will o’wisp at a targeted tower to deal slep damage]

Mochimochi Retweet Campaign

By retweeting the below tweet between now and August 31, players of War of Zodiac can get some nice rewards depending on how many retweets it gets!

10 Retweets: Wonny x 10,000

20 Retweets: Sphere x 200

30 Retweets: Sphere x 500

50 Retweets: Gold Artifact x1, Zunda Artifact x1

100 Retweets: Black Artifact x1, Zunda Artifact x1

Be sure to follow War of Zodiac on Twitter for any future update announcements!

Chibi illustrations artist: 窪田コウ / Kubota Kou

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