Stardust’s 2019 Birthday & Medium 5 Media Contest

This past Monday, August 12 was Stardust’s fourth birthday! And on that day, Bilibili started taking entries for a media contest for Stardust and the rest of the Medium 5 characters (Haiyi, Cangqiong, Shian, and Chiyu). See below for details!

Contest Period

August 12 through September 15

Signing up for Bilibili

You can sign up for free here:

On this page, you should see and fill in:

1. Username

2. Password (6-16 characters, case sensitive)

3. Your country (look up how your country name is written in Chinese, and find it in the drop-down menu)

4. Your mobile phone number

5. Click to open the verification test.

You will be shown a screen similar to the one below that has two or three Chinese characters shown in the upper-right (circled)

In this example, they are 糖, 葱, and 饼

You will also see them appear in the picture.

What you need to do is click on each of the characters in the picture in the order that they appear from left to right.

In this example, 糖 appears first (leftmost), then 葱, and finally 饼 (rightmost). So I will click on and number them 1, 2, and 3 respectively in the picture.

Then I click on 確认 (circled above) to complete.

Doing so should get you a text message on your mobile phone with the verification code

6. Enter the verification code that you receive after completing Step 5 above

7. Agree to their terms and privacy policies

8. Register

On the next screen, you may see the following:

If you do, hover your mouse pointer over the three green bars to open another verification game.

Click and hold on the three green bars, and drag the puzzle piece rightward to the empty slot.

Doing so will complete your registration.

Posting on Bilibili

After you complete registration and sign in, click on the large pink button in the upper-right corner that says “投稿.”

On the next page, click on the blue button that says “上传视频” if you wish to upload a video.

If you wish to upload other media, click on where it says

Then choose from among the following:

1. Pictures (original works, doujin, illustrations, manga)
2. Photograph (cosplay, JK, Lolita, traditional garb)
3. General (share what’s on your mind)

If you wish to upload a picture, here are the guidelines:

1. Upload image
2. Type: ○Doujin (based on an existing character/property) ○Original
3. Classification: ○Manga ○Illustration ○Other
4. Title

5. Description (optional, but highly recommended)
6. Main tag (tag the character(s) whom you are portraying):
ー Stardust / 星尘
ー Haiyi / 海伊
ー Cangqiong / 苍穹
ー Shian / 诗岸
ー Chiyu / 赤羽
7. Other tags (make sure to include #五维介质创作赛# in order to enter the contest)
8. Reprint authorization
ー a. No settings
ー b. Open authorization, non-commercial use
ー c. Author permission required, only for non-commercial use
ー d. Forbid reprints
9. Submit

Contest Guidelines

1. As long as entries are your own original works, they can be of anything format that you wish, including but not limited to: animated GIFs, short videos, original songs, cover songs, dance videos, MMD videos, written tributes, illustrations, cosplay photos, etc.

2. Reprinted or copied works will not be accepted.

3. Entries will be accepted between August 12 and September 15. You can continue giving “Likes” to entries until September 18, 12:00 am (CST). Winners will be announced after the contest concludes.

4. Entries must be about the Medium 5 characters, and each must comply with each one’s terms of use.

5. Entries must contain the hashtag #五维介质创作赛# to be entered into the contest. Entries celebrating Stardust’s birthday can also be tagged with #星尘2019诞生日#. Furthermore, be sure to include some words of recommendation in the entry description (where it says “粉丝动态” for video uploads, and ” 作品简介” for illustration uploads below) for your entry to attract fans. Tags alone will not get you into the trending lists.
※Please keep in mind that the majority of Bilibili users are Chinese-speaking

For video uploads
For illustration uploads

6. If you are submitting non-video entries, please write a entry description recommending your entry, and tag your upload with #五维介质创作赛# (entries celebrating Stardust’s birthday can also be tagged with #星尘2019诞生日#) , and this will greatly increase the chances of your entry being seen by others. Illustrations can further be tagged with #原创绘图# (“original illustration”), photographs with #摄影#, cosplays with #Cosplay#, etc.
※Looking up how your desired tag is written in Chinese can help.

7. Any kind of advertisement content used for commercial intent will not be acceptable (this is including but not limited to video watermarks, promotional trailers, etc.)

8. Video content that is explicit or violates any laws or policies will not be accepted.

9. Bilibili holds all the final decision-making power in this contest. If you have any questions, please contact the users 大家的音乐姬 or 诺诺小熊猫


Prize-winning categories will be:

Excellence Award
Popularity Award
Creativity Award
Newcomer’s Award

The number of winners will be determined by the amount of entries made in the contest. The Popularity Award will be determined solely by amount of Likes, while the rest will be based on the quality and creativity of the entries.

Prizes given to winner(s) of the Excellence Award are as follows:

A complete set of Medium 5 character gashapon figures (to be released in April, 2020)

Stardust Swimsuit Ver. Figure

Official Bilibili merchandise (to be revealed)

Winner(s) of the Excellence Award will also receive official recognition from Media 5, and will even have the chance to work with them on an upcoming album artbook!

Best of luck to all who will be entering!

Information and picture source: official Bilibili contest page


  1. I need to ask since I’m getting lost at BiliBili… how do you actually sumbit your entry to this contest? Especially how to post the pictures for this contest…? ;u;


    1. I have added a section called “Posting on Bilibili” and added instructions for how to post pictures. I hope they answer your question.


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