Megurine Luka Tairyo-Bata Goods Announced

Back in January of 2019, we saw a Megurine Luka tairyo-bata created out of a joint partnership between Crypton Future Media, the MIZUNO Paint Workshop, and the Tsugaru Strait Tuna Girls Club for Luka’s 10th anniversary, based off an illustration by 黒獅子 / Kurojishi.

And now we have some official goods based on the illustration coming on August 30! All products were made in collaboration with the MIZUNO Paint Workshop.

※All prices are before-tax

Tenugui Hand Towel

Size: 37cm x 100cm
Material: Cotton
Price: ¥1,500 JPY

Tote Bag

Size: 37cm x 36cm x 11cm
Material: Cotton
Price: ¥3,300

Homaekake Apron

Size: 47cm x 47cm
Price: ¥2,500

Tairyo-Bata Flag

Sizes: S, M, L, and XL
Material: Polyester
Price: ¥3,000 ~¥40,000 JPY

Where to Purchase

On August 30, all the merchandise will be available at the Some no Anbo main shop in Asakusa.

They will also be available on Some no Anbo’s online shop:


Hatsune Miku official Blog
MIZUNO Official Site

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