The Magical Mirai 2019 Concert in Tokyo on 8/31 Livestreamed on Bilibili Live

To watch the Bilibili Livestream of the Magical Mirai 2019 Concert in Tokyo, tune in the the below link at exactly 4:00 PM on August 31 (JST)!

When the counter nears 00:00:00, click the icon to its right to access the video.

This is a great opportunity to for those who could not make it to Tokyo, so be sure to set your alarms!

**UPDATE ON AUGUST 31, 2019**

It has come to our attention that the Magical Mirai 2019 stream on Bilibili ended up being region-locked for many around the world.

We do apologize about the misinformation. It didn’t occur to us that the stream may be region-locked as we’ve never experienced such a case before, and we found nothing confirming this was the case until the stream itself went live. We were just as disappointed as everyone else when we were unable to watch it.

In the future, we’ll look farther into such streams to make sure we don’t spread misinformation about who can watch them. Please accept our deepest apologies as we continue to grow and learn more about the ever growing world of vocal synths.


  1. For anyone who manages to catch this, two things:
    First off, I believe the 16:00 (4pm) start time on Bilibili is China Mainland Time, not JST, as the concert is listed to start at 5pm JST on the Magical Mirai website, and while BiliBili doesn’t specify the timezone on their info page, the website primarily services China, so I think it’s reasonable to assume this time given is the time the stream starts in China, not Japan. You might pop in an hour early just in case though.
    Second, the counter in question pictured in the article is actually set to the system clock of your computer, and does not accurately reflect the actual amount of time remaining. This is actually pretty annoying because otherwise you could use it to determine the exact time of the broadcast without having to guess at timezones. Either way, don’t go by this counter because unless you’re in the correct time zone, it won’t display properly and the countdown will be wildly inaccurate (off by about 12-13 hours or so)


    1. Our apologies for the late response, but we thank you very much for the information and warning that you provided for us. Going forward, we will take greater care to confirm the regional stream times and availability before reporting on livestreams.

      Thank you once again, and we appreciate any future cooperation.


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