Celestrai Announces BIG FESTIV-AL

After a very successful SONIK☆FEST, Celestrai is holding another 10th anniversary event for an Engloid, this time for Big Al on December 22, 2019!

The BIG FestivAL event has now launched, and the Discord server is up for fans to join. You can also find the schedule of events below!

Here is also a video explaining the BIG FestivAL, which you can watch while enjoying a slow rap melody composed by Celestrai!


The 20-day charm design contest for BIG FestivAL is now underway! See the tweets below for design and submission guidelines.

After the submission period ends, make sure to cast for your vote for your favorite entry within the following 5 days. You can then order your desired one in October!


If you want to keep up with all BIG FestivAL updates, or if you are thinking of joining the project, then follow the links below!

BIG FestivAL official Discord server

VOCAFEST and BIG FestivAL official Twitter

Celestrai’s official Twitter

VOCAFEST official website

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