Hatsune Miku x Digimon Collaboration MV, Illustrations, and Shop Tour Details

2019 marks the 20th anniversary since the first ever episode of Digimon Adventure was aired on March 7, 1999! Among the announcements made right on the big day was the collaboration with Hatsune Miku, and now we have details about it!

Hatsune Miku Cover of “Butter-Fly”

Toei Animation revealed the Butter-Fly ~Hatsune Miku Version~ cover of the opening song for the classic anime! It features the main collaboration visual of Miku and Agumon illustrated by Atsuya Uki, the character designer for Digimon Adventure tri, plus many famous scenes from the original Digimon Adventure anime, making it a nostalgia trip for anyone who watched the series way back when!

Music, arrangement: みきとP / MikitoP
Music video: お菊 / Okiku

※If the YouTube upload is not available in your region, you can watch it on Niconico here

Commentary from MikitoP:

When I was first contacted about creating the Hatsune Miku cover of Butter-Fly, I had my doubts about it, having not grown up in the “Digimon generation.” However, I knew that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become part of the ‘music’ side of Digimon, a very integral part in the creation of the franchise. So it was with great honor that I took up the task. To get in on the 20th anniversary celebrations, I decided I would watch all the past Digimon series up to the movie in 2020. I’m really excited for my first Digimon experience.

Collaboration Goods and Store

Furthermore, numerous crossover illustrations with Miku, Len, Rin, Luka, and famous Digimon and were revealed on the same day as the music video! They were created by Rella, サメヤマ次郎 / Sameyama Jiro,
さいとうなおき / Naoki Saito, and artists at Toei Animation.

Premium Store Tour

Finally, it was confirmed that official goods will be created out of these illustrations, and will be available at three different Premium Store locations later this year! For every ¥3,000 JPY that you spend at the shops, you can get a free postcard (while supplies last). Stay tuned as the merchandise is revealed later!

※Please note that all dates and locations are subject to change
※All times are JST

*UPDATED ON October 28, 2019*

In Osaka

Location: 4F Abeno Hoop
Dates: November 2 through November 10
Business times: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

In Fukuoka

Location: 2F Canal City Hakata South Building
Dates: November 16 to November 24
Business times: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

In Tokyo

Dates: November 21 to November 27
Business times: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Merchandise (**UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 1, 2019**)

We now finally get the see the collaboration merchandise that will be available at each store! All prices below are before-tax.

3-Layer Acrylic Panel (2 kinds):¥20,000 JPY each

Can Badge (1 random badge out of 16 types): ¥400 JPY each

Acrylic Keychains (1 random out of 8 types): ¥700 JPY each

Acrylic Stand (art by Atsuya Uki): ¥1,400 JPY

Acrylic Stand (4 kinds; art by Rella): ¥1,400 JPY each

Acrylic Stand (4 kinds; art by Sameyama Jiro): ¥1,400 JPY each

Clear File Folder (art by Atsuya Uki): ¥350 JPY

Clear File Folder (art by Rella): ¥350 JPY

Clear File Folders (art by Naoki Saito): ¥350 JPY each

Clear File Folder (art by Sameyama Jiro): ¥350 JPY

Ceramac Coaster (8 kinds; art by Naoki Saito): ¥550 JPY each

Mug (art by Atsuya Uki): ¥1,500 JPY

Mug (art by Rella): ¥1,500 JPY

Mugs (8 kinds; art by Naoki Saito): ¥1,500 JPY each

Mug (art by Sameyama Jiro): ¥1,500 JPY

Mobile Charger (art by Atsuya Uki): ¥4,500 JPY

Mobile Charger (art by Rella): ¥4,500 JPY

Mobile Charger (8 kinds; art by Naoki Saito): ¥4,500 JPY each

Mobile Charger (art by Sameyama Jiro): ¥4,500 JPY

Art Panels (8 kinds; art buy Naoki Saito): ¥2,800 JPY

Art Panel (art by Sameyama Jiro): ¥2,800 JPY

Rubber Wristband: ¥550 JPY’

Butter-Fly collaboration T-Shirt: ¥4,000 JPY


VOCALOID-FLY T-shirt: ¥4,000 JPY

Information Source

Hobby Dengeki

Premium Store

Digimon Last Evolution official site


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