IA & ONE Concert Digest Video Screening at the Tsukuba Conference 2019

The Tsukuba Conference 2019 will take place from October 2 through October 4 at the International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA. And it has been announced that at the opening ceremony, IA herself will be performing!

Furthermore, on the final day of the conference, there will be a special digest video screening of IA and ONE’s concerts from 2018 through 2019!

Session Name: Virtual Artist IA, Film Concert Screening

Session ID: E21S

Entrance Fee: FREE

Date & Time: October 4, 2019 from 1:30 to 3:00 PM (JST)

Session Organizer: 1st Place Co., Ltd.

Location: Main Convention Hall of the International Conference Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA

The 1st Place Official Shop HACHIMAKI will also have a booth set up there to sell IA and ONE goods to attendees.

1st Place is even preparing a preview video for the event which should be revealed in the coming days, so stay tuned!

You can visit the official site and read the press release below:


The flyer for the event has now been revealed!


The first video preview from ARIA Station is now available for viewing. In it, IA and ONE go through which parts of “てるみい / Tell Me” and “ 祭・祭・祭 / MA・TSU・RI” fans can cheer at, and what cheer they should use to get into the concert vibe! It’s invaluable learning for anyone who plans to attend a 1st Place concert!

**UPDATE ON October 3, 2019**

And here is the second half of the video preview, this time going over what and when to cheer during performances of “We Gotta Run,” “Shooting Star,” “おねがいダーリン / ONEgai Darlin’,” and “America~We are all right!~

Here’s also one final flyer for the event!

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