VOCALOMAKETS LINE Stickers Illustrated by Yaduki Now Available

VOCALOMAKETS has released new LINE stickers for Yuzuki Yukari and Kizuna Akari by ヤヅキ激おこP / Yaduki Gekioko P today!

Find them here: https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/9199195

The stickers are based of the Yukari and Akari illustrations used in many of Yaduki’s songs, such as やばたにえん / Yabatani En, サヨナラがループする / Sayonara ga Loop-suru, アコースティックガール / Acoustic Girl, もぐもぐタイム / Mogumogu Time, and much more! How many can you recognize?

For those who are new to Yaduki’s songs, check out their song list on VocaDB to see where each sticker hails from!



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