Yuezheng Longya’s 2019 Birthday Celebrations

Yuezheng Longya’s next birthday will be on October 2, 2019, and Vsinger is preparing a whole slew of celebrations for the occasion!

Birthday Party Livestream + New Song

On October 2 at 8:30 PM (CST), Bilibili Live will air a special birthday celebration for Longya, which you will be able to catch here!


During the show, a new song will be performed, and then will subsequently be distributed on a variety of music platforms. Stay tuned for links!


The new song introduced during the livestream is 穿越黑夜 / Chuānyuè Hēiyè (Passing the Night).

Lyrics: 冥凰 / Mínghuáng
Music, arrangement: YUICHI NAKASE
Tuning: 动点P / Dong DianP
Director: 人形兎 / Rosary

You can watch the music video in the Weibo post below. Weibo users who share the post will even have the chance to win some birthday prizes!



A brand new birthday visual by Catcan has been revealed, depicting a handsome-looking Longya leaning against a car at night.

Source: https://www.weibo.com/5147264246/I7WwTaLvy

This illustration will even serve as the basis for two new pieces of merchandise on Vsinger’s official Tabao store, going on sale right on October 2!

Yuezheng Longya Woodblock Print

Price: ¥128 RMB

Yuezheng Longya Cell Phone Stand

Price: ¥128 RMB


Yuezheng Longya 2019 Birthday Official Site

Yuezheng Longya’s Official Weibo

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