Luo Tianyi to Sing the October Ending Theme Song to “Onegai! Ranking”

On September 22 and 23, Luo Tianyi made her official concert debut in Japan at the DIVE XR FESTIVAL. The songs that she performed were her classic 66CCFF and 千年食谱颂 / Qiānnián Shípǔ Sòng (Millennium Recipe Song), a cover of 極楽浄土 / Gokuraku Joudo, and even two brand new songs produced by じん / Jin called “T.A.O.” and “draw!”

For those who could not attend DIVE XR FESTIVAL, you’ll soon have your chance to hear “T.A.O.” when it serves as the ending theme song to the TV Asahi program “お願い!ランキング / Onegai! Ranking!”

The program airs every Monday through Thursday night at 12:50 AM (JST) on TV Asahi, and starting in October, viewers will be able to listen to “T.A.O.” when it ends.

Furthermore, the song will be distributed by avex trax beginning on October 18! Scan the QR code from the official site to be directed to the download page on the appointed day!


Onegai! Ranking Official Site

Luo Tianyi’s Official Twitter

Luo Tianyi’s Official Facebook

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