VOICEROID2 Tsuina-chan Announced for Release on November 1, 2019

AHS has confirmed that VOICEROID2 Tsuina-chan will be released on November 1, 2019! Development of her VOICEROID product was made possible thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, which you can read recaps of below:

VOICEROID2 Tsuina-chan Info

VOICEROID2 Tsuina-chan’s voice is described as being cheerful and cute. Plus, she can recite your lines in either the standard Tokyo dialect of Japanese, or in the Kansai dialect!

Voice Provider

Mai Kadowaki


Saki Oohenri

Purchase Options

Package Version (standard)

Price: ¥12,980 JPY (※ after tax, ¥14,278 JPY)
Pre-order link

Package Version (registered AHS user version)

Price: ¥11,980 JPY ( ※ after tax, ¥13,178 JPY)
Pre-order link

Digital Download Version

Price: ¥9,800 JPY (※after tax, ¥10,780 JPY)
Pre-order link

Included Software

All versions of VOICEROID2 Tsuina-chan will come with:

  1. Music Maker Silver (DAW)
  2. Charamin Studio 90-day trial version (3D character animation software)
  3. Video Easy SE (video editor)

In Development

Tsuina-chan MMD model

Tsuina-chan Live2D model data for Facerig

Tsuina-chan exVOICE pack with 200 recorded voice samples


You can try out VOICEROID2 Tsuina-chan for yourself on her product page here:


Remember that you have the choice between her Tokyo and Kansai dialect voice banks!

AHS Official Livestream

To learn more about VOICEROID2 Tsuina-chan, tune in to the AHS Official Livestream Episode 150 at 8:00 PM (JST) on Thursday, October 3, where Mai Kadowaki and Saki Oohenri themselves will be the guests of honor!


AHS Press Release

VOICEROID2 Tsuina-chan Product Page

Onikko Hunter Tsuina-chan Official Site

Official Tsuina Channel on YouTube

Tsuina-chan on Twitter:
PR account
Fan mingling account

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