MEIKO 15th Anniversary Event ~Fleur rouge~ Main Visual, Theme Song Info Revealed

We now have more information for the previously reported MEIKO 15th anniversary event, ~Fleur rouge~!

Theme Song

The first announcement reveals that the event’s theme song will be composed by OSTER project using MEIKO, KAITO, and Luka, and that the lyrics will be written by Meiko Haigou herself! Here’s what the creators have to say:

“I have been given the honor of composing the lyrics for OSTER project’s most lovely theme song commemorating MEIKO’s 15th anniversary eventヾ(*´Д`*)ノ I’m super excited to let everyone hear it!!!
(here’s me on a private recording day)

“I’ve been given the honor of creating the MEIKO 15th anniversary event theme song🎂🎊🎉 It’ll be the happiest of birthday songs with MEIKO, Luka, and KAITO all singing! Furthermore, Meiko Haigou will be writing the lyrics! They’re truly splendid lyrics indeed, so look forward to the song!”

Main Visual

Also revealed is the event’s main promotional visual by 鈴ノ助 / Suzunosuke!

I was given the honor of illustrating the main visual for MEIKO’s 15th anniversary event, ~Fleur rouge~. I haven’t drawn MEI-chan in her official outfit in quite a while, so it was a lot of of fun. There will reportedly be goods made out of it too, so look forward to official info on them.

That won’t be the only special illustration prepared for ~Fleur rouge~. さかなへん / Sacanahen provided chibi illustrations of MEIKO, KAITO, and Luka that will also be used for event items!

I was given the honor of preparing chibi illustrations for MEIKO’s 15th anniversary event, ~Fleur rouge~!! There’ll be more info coming soon, which I can’t wait for either!!!

Finally, we’re treated to a look at the special glass cup that will be given to those who purchase a ticket to the event. The scarlet red, mature-looking design fits MEIKO like a glove!


Speaking of tickets, if all this information has piqued your interest in attending ~Fleur rouge~, then find out how to purchase tickets and attend the event below.

Purchase Site


¥9,680 JPY

Date & Times

November 10, 2019
Midday event from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM (JST)
Evening event from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM (JST)


Studio Earth, 5F of the Star Rise Tower

Special guests:

Meiko Haigou
Naoto Fuuga
Yuu Asakawa


Hatsune Miku Official Blog

Previous report on VocaSphere


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