Ningyō Jōruri – BUNRAKU-Beyond Main Visual, Merchandise Revealed

The previously announced Hatsune Miku performance, Ningyō jōruri – BUNRAKU-beyond, now has its main visual and merchandise revealed!

Main Visual

The main visual was provided by ことコト / Kotokoto, depicting Miku in traditional garb. Also notice the blue scarf around the fox’s neck.


The visual will also serve as material for merchandise that will be on sale at the event.

※All prices listed below are tax-included.
※All merchandise is available while supplies last
※All merchandise still in development, and below images may not represent final product


M, L, and LL size: ¥4,000 JPY
XL size: ¥4,500 JPY


¥3,500 JPY

Tenugui Towel

¥1,500 JPY

Sticker Set

¥800 JPY

Postcard Set

¥600 JPY


¥3,500 JPY

Clear File Folder Set

¥1,000 JPY

Stamping Notebook


Acrylic Keychain

¥800 JPY

Event Details


鎌倉宮奉納ライブ 【人形浄瑠璃・BUNRAKU-beyond】〜道行初音旅 / 八百屋お三九・火の見櫓の段〜and 楊琴・disappearance
Kamakura-gū Hounou Live 【Ningyō jōruri – BUNRAKU-beyond】~Michiyuki Hatsune Tabi / Yaoya O-Sankyuu・Hi no Mi Yagura no Dan and Youkin・disappearance

Dates & Times

※All times are JST

October 13, 2019
Merchandise sales begin at 2:00 PM
Doors open at 4:30 PM and performance begins at 5:00 PM


First act: Agun Kin on Yangqing, Shin’ichirou Irie on keyboard, and Otomania on electric bass

Second act: Tamasuke Yoshida with Nozomidayu ToyotakeTomonosuke Tsurusawa, Monyoshi Kiritake, Tamahiko Yoshida, Hatsune Miku, and more



Ticket Sites

SAP: ¥13,000 JPY for special seats

E+:¥9,000 JPY for S seats, ¥4,000 JPY for A seats


Hatsune Miku Official Blog

Official Event Site

Previous Report on VocaSphere

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