2nd Hatsune Miku x ABC Cooking Studio Collaboration Details

The second Hatsune Miku collaboration with ABC Cooking Studio has been announced! Throughout the month of November, fans will be able to visit their nearest ABC Cooking Studio and learn how to make Mikuman!

The food that participants will be learning how to make are anman buns shaped like Hachune Miku, hence the term “Mikuman!”

Event Details

1 Day price: ¥5,000 JPY

Event period: November 1 through November 30, 2019

Lesson length: about 90 minutes

Max participants per lesson: 4 people

Amount of buns that you can take home: 5 buns (up to 2 can be Mikuman, and the other 3 can be regular anman)

What to bring: apron, slippers, hand towels


Reservations are now being taken on the official collaboration site below.


When choosing your location:

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Hokkaido / Tohoku
  2. Northern Koshin’etsu
  3. Kanto
  4. Tokai
  5. Kansai
  6. Chugoku / Shikoku
  7. Kyushu / Okinawa
  8. Overseas

Select date, time, and location.

Click on “もっと見る” to see more options.

The numbers in “空き:あと[ ]名” indicate how many spaces are left for that time slot and location.


Hatsune Miku x ABC Cooking Studio official collaboration event site

Hatsune Miku Official Blog


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