Episode Seven of Tokimeki Hamamatsu Now Online

The seventh episode of Tokimekiđź’–Hamamatsu featuring Otomachi Una and Hitomi Kubo is now available on the official Hamamatsu Channel! In this episode, the pair return to Lake Hamana to learn about one of Hamamatsu’s specialty dishes: grilled eel!

Yes, that’s right, Una talking about eating eel as food.

Kubo is shown visiting the Kanefuru Eel Farm where they catch and raise young eels in ponds until they are mature enough to be cultivated. They of course also preserve the natural supply of eels by releasing some adult eels that they raise back into the lake. The eel farming industry in Hamamatsu consists of 27 farms that cultivate and ship out about 1,200 tons of eels (about 6,000,000 adult eels) each year.

Una herself even expresses how much she wants to eat some eel at the end of the episode, and with a completely straight face, too!

If this episode has whet your appetite for some Lake Hamana eel, then consider a trip the Kanefuru Eel Farm and other locations to make and try some out for yourself!

Kanefuru Eel Farm location:

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