LanCee Performs At the 10th Golden Comic Awards

On October 12, 2019, LanCee accomplished perhaps her biggest feat yet: performing at the 10th anniversary of the Golden Comic Awards and Connection+! The awards are Taiwan’s most prestigious award show for comic artists, and are officially sponsored by the Taiwan Ministry of Culture.

At the awards, LanCee performed an original song called 我筆下的世界 / Wǒ bǐxià de shìjiè (I Draw a Whole World), created just for the occasion. In addition to singing and dancing, LanCee even got to interact with the show’s MC! The performance was even aired on Taiwan Television at 5:00 PM (CST) on October 12. The song and video can now be enjoyed on LanCee’s official YouTube channel as well!

Song credits from the YouTube video description.


Composition & Lyrics: 林蘭 / Línlán
Recording Engineer: 呂進榮 / Lǚjìnróng
Recording Studio: GBH STUDIO
Producer/Arranged/Mixing/Mastering:周駿義 / Zhōu Jùnyì

Character Information

Character Name: LanCee
Character Design: Origin-Zero
Character Voice: Rose
3D Model: X-Kung Work
Motion Capture: China University of Technology Department of Digital Multimedia Design
Coaching: 許允聖 / Xǔ Yǔnshèng
Motion Actor: 黃楷育 / Huáng Kǎiyù
Motion Rigging:黑暗盛典 / Hēi’àn Shèngdiǎn
Bone Fix:桃暗 / Táoàn


Storybord & Layout: Paul Theodore Price
3D Effect/3D Environment Artist:張君鳳 / Zhāng Jūnfèng
Final Editing: 周駿義 / Zhōu Jùnyì
MMD Camera/Motion Fix: 嚴翊瑄 / Zhāng Jūnfèng and 彭莉方 / Pénglìfāng
Supervision: hinac



Performance Engineering

KOMI Studio

Cooperative Planning

TAICCA (Taiwan Creative Content Agency)


Taiwan Television Enterprise, Ltd.


Taiwan Ministry of Culture


Keep on following LanCee’s world to see what she accomplishes next!

Official Facebook

Official Twitter

Official YouTube channel

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