VOCALOMAKETS 1st Album “星月の詩 I / Hoshitsuki no Uta I” Information

On October 13 at 6:00 PM (JST), 細井聡司 / Soshi Hosoi and ちょむP / ChomP hosted a special livestream all about the first official album from VOCALOMAKETS, titled 星月の詩 I / Hoshitsuki no Uta I!”


Designed by 渡辺浩彰 / Hiroaki Watanabe (VODALES)

Jacket Illustration

Illustrated by チェリ子 / Cherico

Official Website

URL: https://www.vocalomakets.com/hoshitsukinouta/001/

Album Credits

Mastering: かごめP / KagomeP

Jacket illustration: チェリ子 / Cherico

Logo design: 渡辺浩彰 / Hiroaki Watanabe (VODALES)

Web design and video: Bumpyうるし / Bumpy Urushi

Hoshitsuki no Uta I Production Executive Committee:
Chairman: 細井聡司 / Soshi Hosoi
Vice Chairman: ちょむP / ChomP

For those who are wondering why this is being billed as VOCALOMAKETS’s very first official album, Bumpy himself explains that the 月の詩 / Tsuki no Uta series of albums were created by his personal circle, マケッツ団 / Team MAKETS. However, since Team MAKETS is currently inactive, VOCALOMAKETS has picked up on their work, and is now releasing official Yukari and Akari albums starting with Hoshitsuki no Uta I.


Video created by Bumpyうるし / Bumpy Urushi


※All translated and transliterated song titles and names below are unofficial

Title: ディストピア中毒 / Dystopia Chuudoku (Dystopia Addiction)
Lyrics & Music: ナナミル / NaNaMiL
Vocals: Kizuna Akari

Title: 僕らユータナジスト / Bokura Euthanasist (We are Euthanasist)
Lyrics: 蒼月まりか / Marika Souzuki
Music: r0y
Vocal edit: びび / bibi
Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari & Kizuna Akari

Title: 雷鳴 ~2019.Remake.Ver~ / Raimei ~2019.Remake.Ver~
Lyrics: イケモト / Ikemoto (Farthest)
Music: 将 / Yuki (Farthest)
Bass: 海理 / Kairi
Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari & Kizuna Akari

Title: Rusty Dream
Lyrics & music: ねじ式 / Nejishiki
Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari

Title: 今際ノ際デ笑イタイ / Imawa no Kiwa de Waraitai (I Want to Smile in My Dying Moments)
Music: 細井聡司 / Soshi Hosoi
Guitar: George of Pinky Doodle Poodle
Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari & Kizuna Akari (chorus)

Title: Novel identity
Lyrics: 唯人 / Yuito and 美津紀 / Mizuki
Music: 唯人 / Yuito
Arrangement: LiLRAIN
Vocals: Kizuna Akari

Title: レトロティック・ボカロティック / Retrotic Vocalotic
Lyrics & music: ヤヅキ激おこP / Yaduki GekiokoP
Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari

Title: キミの世界 / Kimi no Sekai (Your World)
Lyrics & music: ちょむP / ChomP
Vocals: Kizuna Akari

Title: 星空エンプティ― / Hoshizora Empty (Starry Sky Empty)
Lyrics & music: たかぴぃ / takapira
Vocal: Kizuna Akari

Title: ホロウライト / Hollow Light
Lyrics & music: ぐへへP / GuheheP
Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari

Title: スターライトの夢 / Starlight no Yume (Starlight Dream)
Lyrics & music: 湊いつき / Itsuki Minato
Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari Onn


Those who can make it to Usagi no Utage 2 at the Tajimi City Industry & Culture Center on October 20 can purchase the album directly from the VOCALOMAKETS booth for ¥2,000 JPY!


For those who cannot, the album will be available on October 14 at 12:00 am on the AHS Store for ¥2,600 JPY (※after tax: ¥2,860 JPY)!

Order here: https://www.ah-soft.net/shopdetail/000000001133/


星月の詩 I / Hoshitsuki no Uta I official site

VOCALOMAKETS official blog


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