Mirai Komachi at the Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival Asobi Store

At the Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival this weekend, Mirai Komachi will be serving as the head of the Asobi Store, guiding visitors around the event attractions! The official site is now open with preliminary information below.

Asobi Store Official Site

URL: https://asobistore.jp/content/title/bnefes/asobistore_attractions/

Event Locations

Laqua 1F Event Space and Laqua Garden Stage at the Tokyo Dome City

Planned Attractions

Illustration Showcase

Between now and October 25, Bandai Namco will be revealing illustrations celebrating the Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival. We’ll also update readers as they come!

Video Message Screening

At the Laqua Garden Stage, special messages to visitors will be shown across two days with Masaya Onosaka, Shugo Nakamura, Eriko Nakamura, and Rei Matsuzaki serving as MCs!

Mirai Komachi Virtual DJ Stage

Also at the Laqua Garden Stage, Mirai Komachi herself will be performing remixes of popular songs from Bandai Namco video games in a DJ show!

Premium Prize Exchange Booth

Those who acquire a 2-day ticket to the event can have the chance to score one that says “当たり” on it. If you get one, you can exchange it for some premium prizes at a special booth!

Message Board

At the Laqua 1F Event Space, there will be a message board with a Pac-man design for visitors to write their own personal message to Mirai Komachi and any other Bandai Namco characters!

Asobi Store Pavilion

Official Bandai Namco merchandise will be on sale at Asobi Store located at the event space where Mirai Komachi will guiding people around! For a full lineup of goods, see the official site.


Bandai Namco Asobi Store Official Website

Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival Official Website and Twitter

Mirai Komachi Official Site and Twitter

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