Second Round of MIKU WITH YOU 2019 Merchandise Revealed

Following the first round of announced merchandise for MIKU WITH YOU 2019, we now get to see a second round of goods that help fans watch the concerts in style!

MIKU WITH YOU 2019 Long-Sleeved Coat

The concerts will be held during November, after all. Attendees would do well to dress warm with this!

MIKU WITH YOU 2019 Short-Sleeved T-Shirts

Each one will be city-exclusive to their respective tour stops in Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, or Guangzhou

MIKU WITH YOU 2019 Shoelace Set

Ever wanted to be decked out in Miku apparel from head to toe? Now you wear Miku merch on your shoes, too!

MIKU WITH YOU 2019 Umbrella

Afraid of getting all that nice Miku apparel wet during the rain? Grabbing one of these on the way out should put those fears to rest!

MIKU WITH YOU 2019 Canvas Bag

If you would rather carry your new Miku clothing articles in a bag, they got you covered in that regard as well!

The first MIKU WITH YOU 2019 concert in Shanghai is now just half a month away. As the date approaches, stayed tuned for more merch news!


MIKU WITH YOU 2019 Weibo press release

MIKU WITH YOU 2019 official Weibo

MIKU WITH YOU 2019 official site

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