Re: TETOFES Announced for 2020

Today during Twindrill‘s official Teto Day livestream, a redux of the TETOFES concert – being dubbed “Re: TETOFES” – has been announced! The MMD model, choreography, and performance data that was used for last year’s show will be improved and made better than ever for the 2020 show!

See below for information revealed so far, and look forward to updates as they come!

Main Visual & Flyer

Illustrator: 片井雨司 / Katai Uji

Logo design: ねむみね / Nemumine

Flyer design: NiesoX

Talk voice tuning: ごるびー / Golbee

Teaser Commercial


Ebisu CreAto

Date & Time

May 17, 2020

Doors open 1:00 PM JST
Concert begins at 2:00 PM JST

Ticket Price

¥3,000 JPY

Expected to go on sale at the Kimi to UTAU Hibi 3 dojin event

Music Producers

ケトラP / KetraP

ゴジマジP / GojimajiP (a.k.a. LamazeP)

デスおはぎ / Death Ohagi

はるふり / Harifuri

耳ロボP / MimiroboP

物煎餅 / Monosenbei

More coming soon


ane子 / aneko

いりぽん先生 / Iripon-sensei

猿。/ Saru。

りりやん / Lilyan

​ろっこ / Rokko

​まりやん / Maryan

More coming soon






More coming soon

Motion Animators


瓜ウリP / UriuriP

福之内 / Fukunouchi

More coming soon

Official Links

TETOFES official site

TETOFES official Twitter

Hashtag #TETO_FES on Twitter

Twindrill official Twitter

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