Snow Miku Sky Town 5th Anniversary Store Event Announced

The Snow Miku Sky Town shop at New Chitose Airport will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on December 20, 2019! To celebrate, a store event introducing new goods will be held on December 22!

New Illustrations

New merchandise will be created based on the following illustrations.

5th Anniversary Illustrations

Main visual by KEI based on the Snow Miku 2015 “Snow Bell” design by たらん / Taran

Snow Bell piapro characters illustration by 水谷恵 / megtany

Winter Merchandise Illustrations

Illustration by へいわ / Heiwa

Illustration by U井T吾

Other Campaigns

It was also hinted that visitors to Snow Miku Sky Town who have a “5” somewhere in their birth date will be elligible for the what they are calling the “Happy 5! GO! Campaign.” Another campaign is also being planned through which visitors with accrued points from purchasing Snow Miku Ramen can exchange them for premium gifts. Stay tuned for more details as they are announced!


Snow Miku Sky Town official site

Hatsune Miku Official Blog

Snow Miku official Twitter


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