Anniversary ☆ Hearty Session ~AHS VOCALOID 10th Annivesary Fan Gathering~ Event Details

EHAMIC has completed work on his AHS VOCALOID 10th anniversary compilation album, Anniversary ☆ Hearty Songs! He has even posted a picture of the back of the CD case that it will come in, revealing all the artists involved in the project!

Anniversary ☆ Hearty Songs! Tracklist

※All song name translations and transliterations are unofficial

Title: パーティーがはじまるよ / Party ga Hajimaru yo (The Party Now Begins!)
Music, lyrics, arrangement: EHAMIC
Tuning: PSGOZ
Vocals: Macne Nana

Title おいわい!せっしょん★ぱーてぃー!! / Oiwai! Session★Party!!
Music, lyrics, arrangement: だいすけP / DAISUKE-P
Vocals: Kaai Yuki

Title: アニバーサリー / Anniversary
Music, lyrics, arrangement: ちょむP / ChomP
Vocals: Kizuna Akari

Title: Starting a new life
Music, lyrics, arrangement: かよぴぃ / kayoP
Vocals: Kizuna Akari

Title: ヤラズノレイン / Yarazunorein
Music, lyrics, arrangement: OzaShin (a.k.a. 虹色ぺぺろん / PeperonP)
Vocals: SF-A2 miki

Title: 花咲く / Hana Saku (Flower Bloom)
Music, lyrics, arrangement: Happy (Rocketlam)
Vocals: SF-A2 miki

Title: ミライツヅリ / Mirai Tsuzuri (Writing the Future)
Music, lyrics, arrangement: きゅおんママ / sound9th
Vocals: Tohoku Zunko

Title: 御徒町音頭 / Okachimachi Ondo
Music, lyircs, arrangement: EHAMIC
Vocals: Tohoku Zunko

Title: おしゃべりアニバーサリー~桜乃そら編~ / Oshaberi Anniversary ~Haruno Sora Hen~ (Anniversary Talk ~Haruno Sora Session~)
Narrator: Kikuko Inoue

Title: あざやかなはるのそら / Azayaka na Haruno Sora (The Radiant Haruno Sora)
Lyrics: 桃白 / momo_shiro
Music, arrangement: モモじろう / momojiro
Vocals: Haruno Sora

Title: As Hope Stars
Music, lyrics, arrangement: KAI
Vocals: Haruno Sora

Title: おしゃべりアニバーサリー~結月ゆかり編~ / Oshaberi Anniversary ~Yuzuki Yukari Hen~ (Anniversary Talk ~Yuzuki Yukari Session~)
Narrator: Chihiro Ishiguro

Title: A Holy Story
Music, lyrics, arrangement: xi’an
Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari

Title: Connection Perilla
Lyrics: 謌名波 / Kanami
Music: かねイルカ / Kaneiruka
Arrangement: Project irukanami
Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari

Title: スターチス / Statice
Music, lyrics, arrangement: Roa
Vocals: Nekomura Iroha

Title: Let’sお花パーティー / Let’s Ohana Party (Let’s Have a Flower Party)
Music, lyrics, arrangment: EHAMIC
Tuning: PSGOZ
Vocals: Hiyama Kiyoteru

Title: 変わる未来と変わらぬ愛を / Kawaru Mirai to Kawaranu Ai wo (The Changing Future and Our Unchanging Love)
Music, lyrics, arrangement: 越黒リタ Koshikuro Rita
Vocals: Hiyama Kiyoteru

Title: 自由奔放な祝歌(架空戯曲「時揺れの国」より) / Jiyuu Honpou Iwauta (Kakuu Gikyoku “Toki Yure no Kuni”) (Freewheeling Celebration Song, from the fictional drama “Toki Yue no Kuni”)
Music, lyrics, arrangement: Litsar.
Vocals: Kaai Yuki, Hiyama Kiyoteru, Yuzuki Yukari, Kizuna Akari

Title: あなたとほほえみささやかに / Anata to Hohoemi Sasayaka ni (Lightly Title: Smiling with You)
Music, lyircs, arrangement: モモじろう / momojiro
Vocals: Macne Nana

Title: Amnion
Music, arrangement: 小金井ささら / Koganei Sasara
Vocals: Kaai Yuki

Title: おめでとう / Omedetou (Congratulations)
Lyrics: isshy
Music, arrangment: tamachang
Vocals: Nekomura Iroha, Yuzuki Yukari, SF-A2 miki, Tohoku Zunko, Hiyama Kiyoteru

Other Creators


きゃらあい / Kyaraai




夕凪ショウ / yuunagi show




EHAMIC has revealed the outside liner of the CD case for Anniversary ☆ Hearty Songs.

What’s more, the album’s crossfade video can now be viewed on Niconico! Watch it below!

Anniversary ☆ Hearty Session

But that’s not all. Also revealed were details and the ticket page for the Anniversary ☆ Hearty Session ~AHS VOCALOID 10th Annivesary Fan Gathering~ that he will be holding for AHS!


AHS President and CEO Tomohide Ogata

Voice provider for Yuzuki Yukari and founder of CHIHILAB!, Chihiro Ishiguro

DJ ちょむP / ChomP


Cafe Rose

Date and Timetable

Sunday, December 15, 2019

11:30~12:30 Changing rooms open for cosplayers

12:45~ Doors open, sales of merchandise begin

13:00~14:30 Guest talk session: ~AHS VOCALOID 10th Anniversary, What a Road It Has Been!~

14:30~15:00 AHS song DJ performance, sales of merchandise

15:00~15:30 Creators’ talk session

15:30~16:00 Open conversation, sales of merchandise

16:00   Conclusion


Price: ¥3,000 JPY

Ticket page:

Ticket sales to cover of the cost of purchasing flowers for the AHS staff


This is an event for fans of AHS VOCALOIDs and the creators who use them to all gather one place, and give AHS one big “Thank you!” for all that they have done for us over the past ten years!

There, the honored guests will hold a talk session about these past ten years of VOCALOID history with AHS, hinting that Ogata will even reveal previously unknown facts about their VOCALOID development.

This event is created by fans of AHS VOCALOIDs for fans of AHS VOCALOIDs, and gives participants a rare opportunity to directly show their appreciation to the company that has given them so much. If you’re a fan of AHS VOCALOIDs and will be in the Tokyo area on December 15, don’t miss this chance!


Official event page on SPACEMARKET


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