Hatsune Miku Pop Up Shop in MAGNET by SHIBUYA109: Open Soon for a Limited Time!

Miku and the gang will finally get to hold a collaboration pop up store event in the iconic Shibuya109 department store in Tokyo! From the 20th December 2019 to 13th January 2020, VOCALOID fans will be able to check out all of the collaboration goods, right in Japan’s fashion central.

MAGNET by Shibuya109 location:

The main visual by artist LAM is themed around “Shibuya x fashion,” and the Cryptonloids will all be wearing stylish new outfits on various pieces of merchandise. More information about the merchandise should be released in the coming weeks. Coincidentally, if you’ve heard the newest song from HachiojiP (八王子P) and Giga, “GIMMExGIMME,” you might notice some similarities in the art style – the visuals for the song were also done by LAM!

(Tanudama herself admits to listening to said song repeatedly while writing this article, after finding out that the artist is the same…)

If you’d like to check out more of LAM’s amazing artwork, feel free to check out their Pixiv, and you can keep up to date on their future projects on their Twitter!

Entry to this event is free, so make sure to head on down to Shibuya109 and check it out if you get the chance! And keep an eye out for our update when we find out more about the merchandise for the collaboration. I know I definitely want some Rin merch myself…

Anyway, that’s all from me for now, and I hope to see you again soon!


Official collaboration page

Amnibus Twitter

Hatsune Miku Official Blog

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