Project SEKAI Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku Character Profiles: Vivid BAD SQUAD

We have so far been introduced to the virtual singers, Leo/need, and MORE MORE JUMP! in Project SEKAI Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku. Today, we learn more about the street musician group, Vivid BAD SQUAD!


“A top-level street music unit that formed to surpass the legends”


Shy little Kohane Azusawa is always afraid of doing anything. Then one day, she’s bombarded by singing and music coming from someone in the back alley. That someone turns out to be An Shiraishi, and with her at the helm, Kohane decides to walk the path of a street musician.


An alleyway world with walls covered in graffiti and concert posters. Street cafe owner MEIKO and her two helpers, Miku and DJ Len, serve as advisers to help Kohane and her friends discover their true feelings.


Kohane Azusawa

“I’m not running away anymore. Right here, right now, I’ve made my choice to sing!”

Voiced by Akina

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 2

Height: 156 cm

School: Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy

Grade, classroom: 1-A

Hobbies: looking after her dad’s pet snake

Talents: photography

Dislikes: being in public

Kohane is a bashful girl who lacks self confidence. But one day, she suddenly witnesses a jam session with An and her fellow musicians at a live performance cafe and bar lining the street. She found herself being bombarded with – and captivated by – the rap rhythm and intense tempo of their music that she never heard before.

An Shiraishi

“I know we have what it takes to put on the best show ever!”

Voiced by Tomomi Jiena Sumi

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 26

Height: 160 cm

School: Kamiyama High School

Grade, classroom: 1-A

Hobbies: growing mint plants

Talents: brewing coffee and black tea

Dislikes: ghosts and ghost stories

An is cool and candid girl with an unyielding spirit. Her father is a former musician who is quite a big shot in the street music scene in Shibuya. She dreams of being able to put on a live show that surpasses even the one that her father performed at called RAD WEEKEND.

Akito Shinonome

“This world isn’t one where you can treat life as one big picnic”

Voiced by Fumiya Imai

Gender: Male

Birthday: November 12

Height: 174

School: Kamiyama High School

Grade, classroom: 1-C

Hobbies: fashion coordinating

Talents: human beatboxing

Dislikes: dogs

Akito looks up to An’s father, and has been a musician since middle school. He sings with Toya at event houses under the name BAD DOGS. At first blush, he appears as an easy-going guy, but…

Toya Aoyagi

“I’m the very definition of half-baked…”

Voiced by Kento Itoh

Gender: Male

Birthday: May 25

Height: 178 cm

School: Kamiyama High School

Grade, classroom: 1-B

Hobbies: reading

Talents: piano, violin

Dislikes: high places

Toya is the strong, silent type. His father strictly brought him up on classical music, and he has an extraordinary sense of music thanks to the gifted education that he has received since he was very young. However, it was his sharp disdain towards his father that led to his music life on the road.

Character Correlation

How Kohane sees the other members:
An – a precious friend who encouraged her to change
Akito – seems like a nice guy…?
Toya – works hard for his buddy Akito

How An sees the other members:
Kohane – best bud she could ask for, loves her!
Akito – a rival gunning for the same dream
Toya – why is he always with Akito?

How Akito sees the other members:
Kohane – complete newbie who has no idea what she’s getting into
An – a rival gunning for the same dream
Toya – best buddy whom she trusts completely

How Toya sees the other members:
Kohane – seems fainthearted, but…
An – recognizes her abilities
Akito – supporter who helped him find where he belongs

Other character profiles

Virtual Singers



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Highlights from the October 23, 2019 livestream

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