Snow Miku 2020 Updates: Tram, Nendoroid, figma Revealed

This past weekend, those who have been following the official Twitter accounts for Snow Miku and/or Rabbit Yukine saw even more updates for Snow Miku 2020! For those who don’t yet follow them, see below for a summary!

Snow Miku 2020 Tram

First up, many new photos and even videos of the Sapporo city tram featuring Snow Miku 2020 decal have been tweeted, along with Rabbit Yukine and Snow Mikudayo!

The Snow Miku 2020 tram is now officially in service until March 25, 2020, so anyone who will be in Sapporo between now and then should check it out!

Nendoroid, figma Snow Miku Snow Parade Ver.

Also revealed by both 浜子 / Hamako and カホタン / Kahotan of Good Smile Company is the Nendoroid Snow Miku Snow Parade Ver. and figma Snow Miku Snow Parade Ver., both modeled after Snow Miku 2020!

Both figures will be displayed right inside of the Snow Miku 2020 tram, so riders will be able to see and enjoy them on the way to their destinations!

For more pics of the figures and the interior of the tram, see Kahotan’s blog below!

Songs Inside the Snow Miku 2020 nORIA Cart

In addition to the tram, the Snow Miku 2020 collaboration cart on the nORIA Ferris Wheel is also now officially in service! Riders inside the cart will even get to enjoy two songs that have been revealed by KARENT:

Night Scape by forute

夜の足跡 / Yoru no Ashiato (Footprints in the Night) by whoo

The nORIA Ferris Wheel cart for Snow Miku 2020 will stay in service until March 31, 2020, giving visitors to Sapporo time to ride it for themselves and enjoy both the sights and the songs! Find it in the NORBESA shopping mall below:


Snow Miku Official Twitter

Rabbit Yukine Official Twitter

Snow Miku 2020 Official Site

Hatsune Miku Official Blog

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