2nd SEGA Prize x piapro Figure Design Contest Results Announced

The results of the second SEGA Prize x piapro collaboration contest for a new Super Premium prize figure design themed around “tropical summer” have been revealed!

Grand Prize Winner

Design by タッパー / Tappa_

Runner Ups

Design by アザカ / a_z_a_k_a

Design by カラコロ / p1205

Design by 水窓 / dearvivi

Design by 梨伊荼 / usononami

Figure Illustration

タッパー / Tappa_’s winning design was then redrawn by famed artist group 南方研究所 / Minakata Kenkyuusho to create the official illustration that will become a next Super Premium prize figure!

Furthermore, all of the winning entrants will see their designs be used for clear keychains with stands which will also be released as SEGA Prize items! Congratulations to all the winners!


Hatsune Miku Official Blog

Official Contest Results Page

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