New UNI Album by Producer Sangnoksu Announced

ST Media has granted us with quite a surprise today: Their Korean VOCALOID4, UNI, is getting a brand-new album! This is news that will surely make her fans happy, especially given the long wait since her last album.

The album is called ” 24시간의 교향곡 – 상록수 feat. 유니” ( 24-siganui Gyohyanggok – Sangnoksu feat. UNI), and is set for release at December 16, 2019. The producer of the songs is none other than 상록수 / Sangnoksu, and the album itself is being presented by ST Media and milkyway TRAXX.

Staff List

Music: 상록수 / Sangnoksu

Sound engineering: 상록수 / Sangnoksu & Chester Park

Illustration: jehyun

Design: Lapelistar

Video: SeRu Lee

Production: milkyway TRAXX

Distribution: ST Media


1. 천년의 시

2. Installation

3. 벚꽃비

4. 25시

5. 행성의 소나타

6. 해에게서 달까지

7. 태양이 춤추는 나라

8. 20년 뒤의 나에게

9. 다물

10. 24시간의 교향곡



You can preorder this album right here, and what’s great about it is that international shipping is also available! Foreign fans of UNI will be able to receive it by using EMS service, when domestic orders are handled by courier for 2,500 ₩.

Pre-order period: November 27 through December 14, 2019

Price: 18,000 ₩

Preorder bonuses

10cm x 15cm postcard of the album jacket illustration
Download card

 ※ Bonus goods available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Official album site

milkyway TRAXX official Facebook and Twitter account

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