Snow Miku Sky Town 5th Anniversary Goods & Events Revealed

Some of the new merchandise that will go on sale at Snow Miku Sky Town on December 21 and during the store’s 5th anniversary event on December 22 have been revealed, as have a new Twitter campaign and information on exchanging points from purchases of Snow Miku-chan Ramen! As mentioned in our previous report, the new merchandise is based on illustrations provided by KEI, 水谷恵 / megtany, and へいわ / Heiwa, with additional illustrations by 渡瀬しぃの / Watase Shino, nanna, しぐれうい / Shigure Ui, and れい亜 / Reia.

New 5th Anniversary Merchandise

※All prices are before-tax

Masking Tape (2 types): ¥500 JPY each

Flat Pencil Case: ¥1,200 JPY

Acrylic Character Stand (6 types): ¥1,500 JPY each

Glasses Case (2 types): ¥1,800 JPY each

Fold-up Carrying Bag: ¥2,000

Jigsaw Puzzle (2 types): ¥2,200 JPY each

A2 Tapestry (3 types): ¥2,700 JPY each

Twitter Campaign

To bring fans even more goods to sink their teeth into, Snow Miku is gathering designs through a Twitter campaign!

All you need to do is tweet your illustration with the hashtag #スカイタウン新商品開発ラボ between November 29 and December 8 at 11:59 PM (JST) and your design will be submitted! Make sure to also follow a few simple rules:

1) Only submit your own works

2) Make sure your Twitter account can receive direct messages in case your design is selected

3) Designs that have won contests in the past, or designs that you have submitted to other ongoing or future contests are not allowed

4) Your design cannot infringe on any copyright laws or third party rights

5) Your design must abide by the piapro characters license

Crypton Future Media will choose the 5 top designs, and fans who attend the Snow Miku Sky Town 5th Anniversary event will be able to vote on the best one to be used for future merchandise!

Returning Merchandise

Those who attend the 5th Anniversary event will also be able to vote on past merchandise that they would like to see brought back to the market!

At the event, potential candidates will be displayed on a wall, and fans can use stickers to cast their vote for what they would like to see return. The top 5 will be chosen and further deliberated among those who in attendance at the event before the final decision is made.

Snow Miku-chan Ramen Point Exchange

Finally, it has been revealed that fans who have purchased Snow Miku-chan Ramen and collected points from the back of the packaging can trade them in for a can badge set at the store starting December 21!

Attendees will receive a store card on which they can stick 5 point tags collected from the Snow Miku-chan Ramen packages, then present to the cashier to receive the badges!

Crypton Future Media promises even more announcements for the Snow Miku Sky Town 5th Anniversary event, so stay tuned for a follow-up report!


Hatsune Miku Official Blog

Snow Miku Sky Town official site

Snow Miku official Twitter

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