New Yuzuki Yukari Merchandise to Debut at Comiket 97

One of the companies preparing for the biggest doujin event in Japan, Comiket 97, is none other than AH-Software! This time, they collaborated with The Chara shop to create the most unique merchandise.

The illustration used for the products was created by 文倉十 / Ayakura Juu (a.k.a. Haino), Yukari’s original illustrator. It features a cute Yukari in a stylish mix of her default outfit with a wedding bride theme, creating an interesting combination. It’ll surely catch the heart of every fan!

New products

※All prices are before-tax

B2 Tapestry: ¥ 3,000 JPY

Acrylic Stand:¥ 1,800 JPY

Full Graphic T-shirt:¥4,000 JPY

Mobile Battery: ¥4,500 JPY


You can pre-order all of these items on the official e-store for The Chara shop. Remember, one person is allowed to buy only 3 of each product!

The goods purchased on the e-shop will be shipped around mid-Januaryearly February, 2020.

B2 Tapestry preorder
Acrylic Stand preorder
Full Graphic T-shirt preorder
Mobile Battery preorder


AHS official website

AHS official Twitter

The Chara x Yuzuki Yukari official website

The Chara official Twitter

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