Project SEKAI Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku Character Profiles: Wonderlands x Showtime

Another week, another Project SEKAI Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku character profile announcement! This week, we learn more about the members of Wonderlands x Showtime!

Wonderlands x Showtime

“An eccentric musical show unit, proclaiming each day wonderful and rushing out to meet it head on.”


Tsukasa Tenma dreams of becoming the star of a world-class show, and is hired to work part time at a popular theme park. However, he gets assigned to work at the stage area that draws no customers whatsoever. But one day while sitting there all alone, he encounters Emu Otori, who makes it her mission to revive that stage to its former glory.


A theme park world filled with fantastical encounters like singing flowers and walking stuffed animals. Troupe leader KAITO and his worker Miku put on extravagant stage shows to help Tsukasa and his friends discover their true feelings.


Tsukasa Tenma

“This man is destined to be a star!”

Voiced by Daisuke Hirose

Gender: Male

Birthday: May 17

Height: 172 cm

School: Kamiyama High School

Grade, classroom: 2-A

Hobbies: Watching musicals, making outfits

Talents: being able to strike a cool pose at any given moment, playing the piano

Dislikes: bugs (especially centipedes)

Tsukasa is the show-off type of guy who’s always overflowing with self-confidence, and has the tendency to get easily caught up in the moment. Ever since he watched a show performed by his favorite theater troupe as a kid, he has aimed to become the world’s biggest star. He also has a reliable big brother side that shows when he’s taking care of his little sister, Saki, who was born with a weak body.

Emu Otori

“Uwawa~! ☆ Isn’t that just wonderful!

Voiced by Hina Kino

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 9

Height: 152 cm

School: Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy

Grade, classroom: 1-B

Hobbies: exploring neighborhoods

Talents: acrobatics, can enjoy eating anything

Dislikes: sunsets

Emu is a rather naive girl with an endless source of cheerfulness. She always immediately acts on any idea that she comes up with, and often drags others around her into her schemes. She is actively looking for people who can help her revive the Phoenix Wonderland Stage which has fallen on hard times.

Nene Kusanagi

“Why am I surrounded by weirdos?”

Voiced by Machico

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 20

Height: 156 cm

School: Kamiyama High School

Grade, classroom: 1-B

Hobbies: playing competitive games, watching musicals and movies

Talents: singing, operating machinery

Dislikes: crowded places

Nene is a foul-mouthed girl who was recommended by Rui to join the troupe. With dreams of singing onstage for a musical, her singing ability is almost too good to be that of a high school girl. However, whenever she’s around Tsukasa and Emu, instead of appearing onstage herself, she operates her Nene Robot and performs through it.

Rui Kamishiro

“Now then, let us put on the most magnificent of shows!”

Voiced by Shunichi Toki

Gender: Male

Height: 180 cm

School: Kamiyama High School

Grade, classroom: 2-B

Hobbies: thinking up show performances, balloon art

Talents: inventing things

Dislikes: cleaning, menial tasks

Rui is boy genius who lives life how he likes to, and is childhood friends with his next-door neighbor, Nene. In addition to managing stage performances, he takes full advantage of his tinkering and invention skills to create robots to use for his shows. Because he lives by his own set of rules, many people around him treat him as a weirdo.

Character Correlation Chart

How Tsukasa sees the other members:
Emu – an absurd girl who never listens to anyone
Nene – mysterious robot-handler
Rui – awesome, but crazy

How Emu sees the other members:
Tsukasa – always working hard together!
Nene – robot girl who’s awesome at singing!
Rui – just plain cool!

How Nene sees the other members:
Tsukasa – idiot who always stands out
Emu – weirdo
Rui – nosy childhood friend

How Rui sees the other members:
Tsukasa – an actor most worthy of the stage
Emu – wonderfully bizarre
Nene – wishes she would overcome her trauma

Other character profiles

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Project SEKAI Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku official site and official Twitter

Highlights from the October 23, 2019 livestream


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