Unofficial MIKU EXPO 2020 Afterparty "Cheers 39" Announced

Planning on attend MIKU EXPO 2020 in London, Paris, or Berlin and looking something else to do after the Miku festivities end? Then consider attending Cheers 39, the unofficial MIKU EXPO 2020 Europe afterparty!

Event Details

From the official website:

“The concert is over but you don’t want the fun to end yet?
Join and party with our DJs, or have a drink and chat with other fans!
Inspired by other events in Japan and around the world like Tsunagaru Mirai, BAR39 and Haochi Mirai, we decided to create our own afterparty for Miku Expo 2020 in Europe!
Check the pages below for information and registration for each venue.
Registration is mandatory!”

Performing DJs

Vault Kid (Berlin)

Party Miku feat. NGMSTR (London, Paris, Berlin)

Chart (London, Paris)

とまとんっ / TOMAToN (London, Paris)

ジョー / weekendintokyo (Paris)

Performing VJ

Oyasugumi (London, Paris)

Dates & Locations

Cheers 39 @ London

January 11, 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM at the Market House Brixton

Signup page here.

Cheers 39 @ Paris

January 16, 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM at La Foisonnante Paris

Signup page here

Cheers 39 x VOCABERLIN @ Berlin


The Team

Location Manager London: nlirx

Location Manager Paris: Nido Tojo

Location Manager Berlin: ZAR-PARTY@VOCABERLIN  

Main Visual: hamano

Chibi Visual: BERUI 

Logo Design: ZAR-PARTY 

Coordination: Negimeister


Be sure to contact Cheers 39 on Twitter for inquiries!

Cheers 39 Official Twitter and official website

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