Project SEKAI Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku Character Profiles: 25 o'clock by Night Code

※Disclaimer: The name “25 o’clock by Night Code” is an unofficial fan translation of the group’s Japanese name, “25時、ナイトコードで。” (Nijuu go-ji, Night Code de.)

The character profiles for the final musical group from Project SEKAI Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku have been revealed. Time to learn more about 25 o’clock by Night Code!

25 o’clock by Night Code

“An underground music circle that gets active at 1:00 AM (25:00), and whose identities are shrouded in mystery”


Kanade Yoisaki communicates with her music circle via the Night Code voice chat tool, creating songs night after night with them. Despite not knowing each others’ names or faces, they’ve managed to do a splendid job of it. But one day, she loses contact with one of her circle members.


A quiet, empty world with nothing in it save for a few dim rays of light. Where it ends, nobody knows. It is here that a Miku with pure-white hair appears before a lost Kanade.


Kanade Yoisaki

“…I must write more songs…”

Voiced by Tomori Kusunoki

Gender: Female

Birthday: February 10

Height: 154 cm

School: home-schooled

Hobbies: searching for and listening to music

Talents: keeping track of time just through intuition

Dislikes: direct sunlight, any kind of housework

Kanade suffered an experience that has left her traumatized as a serious musician. From that experience, her motto has been “I must continue creating songs that make others happy” and started 25 o’clock by Night Code for which she handles music-writing.

Mafuyu Asahina

“How nice it must be, for you to have music to call your own…”

Voiced by Rui Tanabe

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 27

Height: 162 cm

School: Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy

Grade, classroom: 2-B

Hobbies: visiting the aquarium

Talents: English conversation

Dislikes: Nothing

Mafuyu is an honor student who is both bright and humorous, and is relied upon by all. She is the only one in her music circle who regularly attends school, and shows great care and consideration for her fellow members while writing lyrics for their songs. At first glance, she appears as the perfect honor student, but…

Ena Shinonome

“Fufufu, I’m getting so many Likes. However…”

Voiced by Minori Suzuki

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 30

Height: 158 cm

School: Kamiyama High School (part-time night classes)

Grade, classroom: 2-D

Hobbies: drawing, taking selfies and posting them on social media, egosurfing

Talents: researching fashion accessories, choosing the right ingredients for cooking

Dislikes: waking up in the morning

Ena is a strong willed girl with a great sense for social media where she wishes to be more well known. Her father is a famous artist, and she often draws and posts her own illustrations online. This is how Kanade discovered and invited her to become a member of 25 o’clock by Night Code where she is in charge of MV illustrations for their songs.

Mizuki Akiyama

“I welcome anything as long as it’s cute♪”

Voiced by Hinata Satou

Gender: ?

Birthday: August 27

Height: 163 cm

School: Kamiyama High School

Grade, classroom: 1-A

Hobbies: gathering MV materials, drawing collages

Talents: modifying Western attire

Dislikes: hot food

Mizuki is a moody person who loves cute things. Mizuki was captivated by Kanade’s music upon listening to it, and likes to upload MVs online. This caught Kanade’s attention, and Mizuki was thus invited to join 25 o’clock by Night Code. However, Mizuki has a secret that no one else in the group knows about…

Character Correlation Chart

How Kanade sees the other members:
Mafuyu – sympathizes with her
Ena – hides her true feelings as she draws
Mizuki – only acts on her own principles

How Mafuyu sees the other members:
Kanade – amazed that she could make that one song
Ena – lives in her own little world as she draws
Mizuki – overly obsessed with cuteness

How Ena sees the other members:
Kanade – grateful for seeing worth in her illustrations
Mafuyu – jealous that Kanade trusts her so much
Mizuki – sometimes argues, but gets along for the most part

How Mizuki sees the other members:
Kanade – grateful for accepting her as she is
Mafuyu – appears to be a nice girl, but…
Ena – enjoys teasing her

Other character profiles

Virtual Singers
Wonderlands x Showtime


Project SEKAI Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku official site and official Twitter

Highlights from the October 23, 2019 livestream


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