Today we’ve been blessed with updates regarding AHS‘s tenth anniversary celebrations – in the form of new merchandise! One of the first items announced was for Gumi…

…and it’s these cool hoodies! As well as the two hoodies, there is a set of two Gumi can badges available . The design is from October Beast, who has done various collaborations with bands and series from Japan already, including with AHS.


The parkas are now available on the official GUMI 10th Anniversary Goods store as well!

[You may be wondering why Gumi merchandise would be included on the AHS store (Gumi is actually from a different company!). But it turns out that AHS has actually been able to use her character as part of their “Kyaramin Studio” software, which allows you to easily make MMD-style characters dance when you input music. Definitely go and check out their website if you’re interested in making MMD videos yourself!]

Anyway, back to the new merchandise! As well as this, we have lots of Yuzuki Yukari, Kizuna Akari, Tsurumaki Maki and Tohoku sisters stuff which has been announced too:

First up is Tsurumaki Maki:

And here’s everything for Yuzuki Yukari:

And the new items for Kizuna Akari:

For Tohoku Kiritan we have this cute new T-shirt too:

And for the Kotonoha sisters there’s this equally cute one:

It all looks so cool! I definitely want to get some for myself sometime. Preorders for the Gumi merchandise are open until 31st December 2020, while the rest are all available to buy from the website now.

That’s everything for the moment! Make sure an eye on our blog for more merchandise releases for your favourite characters!

Thanks for reading,


Official AHS Website

Official AHS Store

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