New Taito Lottery Features Sakura Miku Prizes!

Starting in April 2020, Taito will host a lottery very fitting for the season! Each prize in this lotto will be Sakura Miku themed. Fans of this flowery Miku should keep an eye out on reselling websites if they can’t get to Japan for the event.

The Prizes

A Prize: ~Jump Ver~ Figure

This figure is based on an illustration by やすも/Yasumo and is one of three figure prizes available.

B Prize: ~Cherry Blossoms~ Ver. Figure

The B prize for this lottery is another Sakura Miku figure! This one is based on an illustration by かも仮面.

C Prize: Acrylic Stands

The C prize is one of three 16 cm tall acrylic stands featuring Sakura Miku illustrations by かも仮面, U35, and iXima. The one you’ll get will likely be chosen randomly via blind bag like in many lotteries.

D Prize: Posters

Most likely, the poster you receive will be randomly chosen. But with so many different ones, at least there’s less chance of repeats even if you get multiple D level prizes!

The posters feature the following artists:

Last Prize: ~Jump Pastel Ver.~ Figure

And for anyone lucky enough to get the very last lottery ticket from any location, there’s a special “Last Prize” just for them! This is a one-per-location variant of the ~Jump Ver.~ figure. Instead of its regular colors, it’s a special pastel variant with a closed eye smiling face instead of the original’s open-eyed one.

More Photos

Taito even uploaded a few scenic photos of the prize figures to show what kind of beautiful photography can be done with them!


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Taito Toys Twitter

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