Re: TETOFES Livestream Highlights

On December 14 at 2:00 PM, the organizers of Re: TETOFES – calling themselves Iyo and Yaguchi – held an hour-long livestream announcing new details about the Kasane Teto-only fanmade live concert event! Below is a summary of some highlights from the livestream.

The livestream can also presently still be watched by anyone who timeshifted on Nico Live through the following link:


An archived version of the livesetream can now be watched on YouTube and Niconico!

See here for the Niconico upload

General Information

As previously reported, Re: TETOFES will take place on May 17, 2020 at the Ebisu CreAto. They will be using Polid Screen technology to display Teto as an MMD model to perform many of her hits songs for her fans.

Iyo mentions that when the first TETOFES was held in 2018 to celebrate Teto’s 10th anniversary, there was a lot that the organizers were not satisfied with. That’s why they decided to create this redux of the concert, and make it better than ever.


Just prior to the livestream, ticket sales already began on the TETOFES BOOTH page!

Tickets to Re: TETOFES cost ¥3,000 JPY to help cover venue rental and merchandise creation costs, and absolutely must be purchased online in order to enter the venue and enjoy the show and purchase the merchandise.

To answer a question that was asked during a livestream, Iyo mentions that Hatsune Miku’s fanmade concerts are generally free admission partly because Miku is a licensed character owned by a company. Teto, on the other hand, is far more free for fans to use and enjoy how they see fit with less worry of licensing infringement.

Iyo also wanted to point out that there are no seat numbers on the tickets because the venue is an all-standing live clubhouse. As such, those who are tall should be mindful of others behind them who may have trouble seeing the show.

Find the Re: TETOFES ticket purchase page here!

Improving TETOFES

A little over a year passed since TETOFES’s maiden voyage, and the organizers have been using that time to improve the data to be used for the concert. MMDer miu handled motion tracing and analyzed the data to reproduce more human-like movements in MMD. You can see how to process works on their Niconico channel here.

They also greatly expanded their teams of creators for Re: TETOFES. You can see who they are here and expect the list to grow as more get revealed!


Brand new goods for Re: TETOFES will be available. The artist ハニのん / Haninon was brought onto the team to design the new merchandise, the first of which was revealed to be the TETOFES happi coat!

The happi uses the event’s main visual by 片井雨司 / Katai Uji with the TETOFES outfit and logo designed by エナメル / Enamel and ねむみね / Nemumine, respectively. It costs ¥5,000 JPY and is also now available for purchase on the TETOFES BOOTH page!

Iyo mentioned that many fans have requested a happi to be created ever since the first TETOFES, so they decided to deliver on that desire. The happi will come in only one size: men’s large, suitable for people who are about 170 cm tall.

The happi and other goods are currently being stored in a warehouse due to the sheer amount of merchandise for this event, which Yaguchi said is about ten times the amount over the first TETOFES!

Orders for the happi will conclude on February 23, 2020 at 11:59 PM (JST) and they will then be shipped to those who purchased one. Iyo warns that resale of the happi is strictly prohibited.

Other goods that were mentioned but not yet revealed are the TETOFES parka and 4-pc can badge set. Look forward to those and more in future reports.

Find the TETOFES happi coat purchase page here!


Until next May, the concert organizers will be attending more events and handing out flyers to fans who desire one. One confirmed location is the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido in February 2020.

The TETOFES team also confirmed that they will be attending various VOCALOID club events in Osaka, and that fans should keep an eye on their Twitter account for announcements on where they will be.

New model

A new MMD model for TETOFES Teto by vk was revealed during the livestream!

Original model and texture: Tda
Kasane Teto parts: Yamamoto
Face: 邪悪の化身バレッタ!! / Jaaku no Kashin Barette!!
Download file:

One of the changes made to the model that Iyo wanted to point out was the length of Teto’s mic. It was very long before, but is now shorter so that Teto can do more with it. Iyo also – unable to control her laughter – mentioned the size reduction of another part of the model that she said was “not convincing enough” before. She hopes MMDers like the new model!

Note on Overseas Merch Shipping

One of the questions that Iyo was asked before the livestream concluded was whether or not the happi and other merch can be shipped overseas. For that, she did not have an answer, but encouraged people to look into it and ask forwarding services if they deliver BOOTH merchandise to them.

With that, the first Re: TETOFES livestream comes to a conclusion! We’ll keep everyone up to date on future developments until the big show on May 17, 2020!


Replays of the Re: TETOFES livestream on Nico Live

TETOFES official site and official Twitter

Hashtag #TETO_FES on Twitter

Twindrill official Twitter

Our initial report on Re: TETOFES

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