Subvisuals for Snow Miku 2020 Revealed!

We’re already very familiar with the main visuals for Snow Miku 2020 and now we have been presented with impressive set of new subvisuals for merchandise and other promotions! Check them and their artists out and let us know which ones you like the most!

First are two chibi style illustrations by the original artist of Snow Miku 2020, はねこと / Hanekoto !

You can already find merchandise with these illustrations on the Sapporo Snow Festival online shop ready for purchase! There are two buttons and an A7-sized memo pad available.

KEI returns to the Snow Miku visuals scene this year with an illustration of Snow Miku 2020! Fans may remember his Snow Miku 2019 illustration which was the main visual last year and has been turned into a scale figure.

The next visual is by so品/sohin and features all of the Crypton VOCALOIDs as band members.

The next illustration is by MACCO and features a lot of details. If there’s another collaboration with Washin Palette this year, this will definitely make an amazing illustration for a microfiber cleaning cloth. Though personally, I’d never want to use it and mess it up.

This illustration by ピスケ/Pisuke makes MACCO’s details look incredibly simple. While this illustration will most likely only be used for things like clear files and maybe a wall scroll/tapestry, it’s still an amazing piece for Snow Miku fans. This style isn’t seen in Miku merchandise often so it’s definitely going to make some unique items.

I’m predicting that this art by リズ /Rizu is going to end up on a lot of merchandise this year. They’ve illustrated each Crypton character in a super deformed vector style that will make for perfect key chains, buttons, charms, and any other trinket you could ever ask for.

And speaking of merch potential, this illustration by Nazyo/なじょ definitely has some as well. The illustrator has even posted separate illustrations of each character on Twitter!

And last but definitely not least is an illustration that should look familiar to anyone who’s read our article on Snow Miku 2020: Snow Parade Stage. This visual by とるら [Torla] is being used to promote the Yuki Furu Machi no Ongakkai (Snowy Town Concert).

More Information

Be sure to check out the special gallery on the Snow Miku 2020 website to see thumbnails and HD versions of all of the illustrations.

And be sure to stay tuned to VocaSphere for even more Snow Miku news!

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