IA & ONE Happy New Year Big Sale Announced

1st Place has announced a massive New Year sale for up to 70% off on IA & ONE goods on the HACHIMAKI Shop throughout January, 2020!


Sale campaign name: IA & ONE HAPPY NEW YEAR BIG SALE!!
Sale campaign period: January 6 through January 30 at 11:59 PM (JST)

※The exact time when the sale begins will be announced on the HACHIMAKI official Twitter account and IA’s official LINE account.

Here are the goods that will have their prices reduced during the sale period. Be sure to check their respective product pages on January 6 for their sale prices:



・IA & ONE Magnet Sheet (Christmas Ver.)

・IA Shopping Bag

・IA & ONE Sparkling Can Badge (3-piece set)

・A4 Acrylic Plate (Yukata Ver)

・IA & ONE Bath Towel (Halloween Ver)

・IA & ONE B2 Tapestry (Halloween Ver)

・IA Full Graphic TEE(Euphoria)

・IA 10mm Thick Acrylic Figure (DJ ver)

・IA Acrylic Keychain (MATSURI ver)

・IA Clear Tumbler Mug (ROCKS)

・IA Clear Tumbler Mug (VT)

・ONE 10mm Thick Acrylic Figure (DJ ver)

・ONE / ONEgai Darlin’ Acrylic Keychain

・ONE / ONEgai Darlin’ Can Badge

・ONE Tumbler Mug (ONEgai Darlin’)

・ONEgai Darlin’ Collaboration Tote Bag

・ONEgai Darlin’ Collaboration Towel

・ONEgai Darlin’ Collaboration Acrylic Keychain

・ONE Acrylic Keychain (ONEgai Darlin’) SD design

・ONE Smartphone Stand (ONEgai Darlin’ ver)

There will also be a planned “IA ONE Lucky Box” with purchase options of ¥5,000 or ¥10,000 JPY for a set of goods that have not yet been announced. Given the name, however, we guess that they could be fukubukuro grab bags.

Lucky Boxes that are purchased before January 16, 2020 are planned to be shipped on that day along with any individual goods that were purchased by then.

Be sure to check back here on January 6, 2020 for more information on the big sale as it is announced!


1st Place Official Shop HACHIMAKI

HACHIMAKI Official Twitter

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