Hatsune Miku "Suya Chara" Series Merchandise Announced

GraffArt SHOP has announced the Hatsune Miku “Suya Chara” series of goods coming to various store locations on January 18! “Suya” is short for “suya suya,” the onomatopoeic word for sleeping soundly in Japanese, and this series appropriately features the piapro characters fast asleep on music note-shaped cushions!


※All prices are before-tax

Acrylic Keychain: ï¿¥780 for one random keychain, ï¿¥4,680 for a full box set

Acrylic Badge: ï¿¥500 for one random badge, ï¿¥3,000 for a full box set

Character Nightstand: ï¿¥1,500 JPY

Tumbler Mug: ï¿¥1,500 JPY

Store Locations

GraffArt Shop at MAGNET Shibuya109

GraffArt Shop at Nagoya

GraffArt Shop at Namba

GraffArt Shop at Shizuoka Tenjin

GraffArt Online Store

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