Hatsune Miku x 300 Auto Chess Collaboration Details

The Hatsune Miku and 300 Auto Chess collaboration was first teased late last year when the game’s official Weibo page released the following teaser poster.

Now some more information and images have surfaced for the upcoming auto chess RPG and Miku’s role in it!

Collaboration Character Details

The first in-game image reveals Miku’s character portrait for the game, which is based on her V4X design. In the game, Miku will play a princess who makes it her mission to share the power of love with everyone in the game world by singing for them. And she’ll apparently also accomplish this by marching into battle with players!

The collaboration event also promises many new exclusive missions for players to partake in for generous rewards like new gear for their heroes, and the chance to deepen their bonds with the princess characters.

Stay tuned for launch date and more information as it is announced. You can download 300 Auto Chess for Android and soon for iOS devices from TapTap here!


It has now been announced that from January 10 through February 6, pre-event Hatsune Miku Gift Packs will be made available for players to purchase before the collaboration officially begins!

The screenshots below reveal a standard version of the pack for ¥128 RMB, plus a collector’s version for ¥328 RMB that will net players even more items and benefit!

Furthermore, it’s been teased that it won’t just be Miku who will be debuting in the 300 Auto Chess world, but all of her friends as well! We’re assuming this means the rest of the piapro characters (MEIKO, KAITO, Rin, Len, and Luka) will also be a part of the collaboration in some way.

To get players ready, the game makers are currently preparing what they are calling the “Hatsune Miku Family Portrait” pre-event campaign through which players can obtain Miku and all of her friends! Stay tuned for more info on that!

The information for today’s update comes from this article.


300 Auto Chess official site and official Weibo

Additional info announcement

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