Re: TETOFES Updates: Countdown Illustrations, Remaining Tickets & Merch

Several tweets from the official TETOFES Twitter account held some important announcements that fans looking to attend or support the concert event should take note of!

Countdown Illustrations

In the final month leading up to Re: TETOFES on May 17, the organizers will be showing countdown illustrations submitted by fans!


The Teto design for the illustration must be of TETOFES Teto

The illustration can be in any format or style: digital, hand-drawn, black and white, etc.

Only one submission per person, and please keep it appropriate for all ages

You may submit works that you have previously published or submitted for other purposes

How to Submit

Send your illustration as an email attachment to

Subject should be “カウントダウンイラスト応募

Please give them a name or nickname that you are okay with them using to publicly credit you

Submit your illustration anytime between now and the beginning of May

Remaining Tickets

At the time of this writing, there are now only 30 tickets remaining! As a reminder, there will be no same-day or on-site ticket sales, so if you want to attend, you must purchase a ticket online through their official BOOTH page below:


And in the final announcement, we’re reminded that orders for the Re: TETOFES happi coat will close on February 23! So don’t delay in your merch purchase, either!

Purchase here:

We’ll keep readers up to date on all important announcements for Re: TETOFES!


TETOFES official site and official Twitter

Hashtag #TETO_FES on Twitter

Twindrill official Twitter

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