AHS Wins Best Utility Software at the BCN Award 2020

In their most recent press release, AHS has announced that they have been awarded first place in the Best Utility Software category for the third year in a row at the BCN Award 2020! As with previous years, their VOICEROID software series was recognized for their high functionality as utility software products.

“We were able to win at the BCN Award 2020 this year as well. Thank you all so much. We’ll continue working hard in the year 2020.”

Tomohide Ogata, President and CEO of AHS

“AHS took home first prize in the BCN Award 2020’s Best Utility Software category! Congratulations! Among the candidates were the VOICEROID series, the Kantan! AITalk series, and Kantan! Afreco.”

AI Inc.



“Congratulations! Here’s to a long and bright future for the VOCALOID and VOICEROID using my voice, Haruno Sora!

Kikuko Inoue

Congratulations to AHS, and we look forward to another great year of quality workmanship from them!


Official press report

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