Medium5 New Year (2020) Enamel Pins Now Available for Pre-order

Quadimension has recently graced their fans with yet another piece of merchandise in the form of a set of enamel pins! The set contains badges featuring all of the MEDIUM5 cast. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The theme of this set is “Chinese New Year”, so these pins have designs matching the Year of the Rat!


Artwork: 枫叶 / Maple

Featuring: Stardust, Haiyi, Cangqiong, Chiyu, Shian, ZERO

Height: 6cm


  • ¥30 RMB (For a single pin)
  • ¥150 RMB (For a complete set)

Shipping date: Around February 28, 2020

You can pre-order them here.

Speaking of New Year’s related merchandise, Quadimension’s 2020 “New Year” Badge is finally here! This time the lucky characters to appear on it are Chiyu and Cangqiong. Don’t they just look so adorable?

It’s first time being featured on the annual “New Year” themed Badges, since the previous ones had Stardust and Haiyi on them. As to be expected, they look both super cute, and gorgeously elegant!

You can find it here.


Quadimension’s Official Taobao Store

Quadimension’s Official Weibo Account

Stardust’s Official Weibo Account

Stardust’s Official Twitter Account

Stardust’s Official Bilibili Account

Stardust’s Official YouTube Account

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