Snow Miku Returns to Sugai Dinos!

For those unfamiliar with Sugai Dinos, it’s a Japanese arcade and bowling alley. And as all collectors know, any good Japanese arcade is going to get into the merch business of any franchise they can. And since there’s a Sugai Dinos located in Sapporo, of course they need some Snow Miku goods for this time of the year!

This special Sugai Dinos Happy “Snow Miku” Festival will start on February 1st and go all the way through March 31st so be sure to visit them if you’re in the area!

Crane Game Prizes

There are two crane game prizes this year: a silicone watch and an Alolan Vulpix x Snow Miku collaboration blanket. These two items will be available at all Dinos Parks stores.

Bowling Prizes

By following the Snow Miku Collaboration Plan while bowling, you’ll be able to receive one of two mugs! At the moment, there’s no information on what this collaboration plan is. These mugs are limited to the Sapporo location (Dinos Bowl NORBESA).

More Information

If you didn’t see our last photos from the Snow Miku x Sugai Dinos collaboration, check them out here! And as always, stay tuned to VocaSphere for all your vocal synth news!


Event Announcement (In Japanese)
Event Page (In Japanese)

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