Snow Miku – Mikufest Event in Mikucolle!

In celebration of the recent Snow Miku event ongoing, Mikucolle has also decided to join in with fun things to do of its own. Here I’ll show you what’s in store for players!

First up, you get a rather exasperated greeting from Meropi:

After this greeting, you’ll get the alert that during the “Snow Miku Mikufest” (3rd February to 17th February 2020), you’ll get 3 Mikucoins every day just by logging in! But that’s certainly not all~!

Mikufest event

Participants in the event will have the chance to get exclusive items only available during this time

There will be two sets of missions released. From the beginning of the first half of missions, you’ll be able to get Snow Miku themed hairstyles and clothing for your character! 

These outfits you can earn while playing each mission multiple times.
This outfit you can get by completing specific missions once. Complete them, then go to the “Mission list (ミッションリスト), then “Events” (イベント) and collect your items!

Then, once the second missions are released, you’ll be able to get Miku’s rabbit-friend Yukine as a magical item! 

If you manage to clear the most difficult “boss-subjugation” mission from the first half, you’ll receive one adorable Yukine to add to your accessories inventory! 

Rainbow Rush gacha 

In this time’s Rainbow Rush gacha, the probability for SSRs and SSR+’s is TWICE as high as the regular Rainbow Rush ones. And in comparison to the normal Premium Gacha, SSR and SSR+ probability is 4 TIMES as high! 

There will also be special tickets for this gacha included in the packs you can buy (I’ll explain this later). 

Card list 

Here are the cards available in the special gacha this time:

Band of the Snow Dance Forest” (「雪舞う森の音楽隊」) – SSR+

Art by tokki 

Skill: “Together with the words turning into the wind” (風になる言葉と一緒に)

☆Snow Parade Luka – SSR+ 

Art by so品 / sohin

Skill: “Snow Flute” (スノーフルト)

Snow Parade Kaito SSR+

Art by so品 / sohin

Skill: “Snow Snare-drum” (スノースネアドラム)

Snow Parade Meiko – SSR+

Art by so品 / sohin

Skill: “Snow Sax” (スノーサックス”)

Snow Parade RM – SSR

Art by so品 / sohin

Skill: “Corps, Parade Rest” 

Gacha list

And here are the gacha: 

-First up we have one with three options: inside the gacha, the first button on the left is one pull only, and it costs 3 Miku coins. You can do this one once a day.

The next button also gives you a one pull gacha, but you can play it as many times a day as you like. This one costs 5 Miku coins per pull. 

And finally is the third button, which gives you 10 cards plus one extra, so it’s the best value for money. You should get at least one SSR with this gacha, and it costs 50 miku coins.

-Secondly is the free gacha! With this one, you’ll be able to do the equivalent of a 10 + 1 pulls gacha without paying anything. I must say, I got some nice cards out of this one. 

-With the next gacha down, you’ll need to use special gacha tickets instead of mikucoins. You only get one pull, but there’s a high probability for an SSR+

-The third Rainbow Rush gacha requires tickets too, but instead, the idea is that you’ll get no less than an SSR with your single pull. 

But how do you get these tickets….? 

Snow miku 2020 event only packs! 

You’ll have to buy some of these:

Pack type 1: Snow Miku 2020 Pack 

Option 1: ¥10000 ($91.82 USD/£70.16)

-200 miku coins (Buy 100, get 100 free!) 

– One SSR+ Gacha ticket. (A ticket for the “High probability for an SSR” gacha I mentioned)

Option 2: ¥4900 ($44.62 USD / £34.36)

-91 miku coins (Buy 49, get 42 free!)

-One “No less than SSR” gacha ticket (for the second gacha requiring tickets that I mentioned) 

Note: you can buy each of these packs a maximum of 10 times 

Pack type 2: Mikufest bonus pack 

Option 1: ¥3800 ($34.60 USD/ £26.65) 

-100 Mikucoins (Buy 38, get 62 free)

Option 2: ¥120 ($1.09  USD / £0.84)

-10 Mikucoins (buy 1, get 9 free) 

-3 King gold Jakushi 

-1 God metal Jakushi 

Note: you can buy each of these packs once

But wait! I just got word of a secret card floating around in the Tanuki Village! 

Until February 24th, if you explore the Tanuki Village…you might find one of these beauties:

Puchi Yuki Miku (ぷち雪ミク) -SSR

Art by はねこと

That’s all for now! For info about the second half of the game event, read my follow-up article here.

Bye bye!


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Official Mikucolle Twitter (JP) 

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