FURYU Announces New VOCALOID Prize Figures

FURYU Corporation made several announcements today for new upcoming prize figures.

TOONIZE Megurine Luka

First up was the announcement of Megurine Luka’s addition to the TOONIZE series! Her design by ガしガし / Gashigashi was revealed, and her actual figure is scheduled to be showcased sometime this summer!

The TOONIZE figures for Miku, Rin, and Len were announced last November, and are expected to be showcased this spring. Luka’s inclusion rounds out the CV series for the piapro characters, but could a certain other two be joining them? We’ll report on any updates!

“BiCuteBunnies” and “TOKYO: CartoonY” Brand Announcements

FURYU also revealed two brand new prize figure brands today!

The first is called “BiCuteBunnies,” a series of 31 centimeter tall figures in rabbit outfits that will be designed by 黒星紅白 / Kuroboshi Kouhaku.

The second will the series of cute figures called “TOKYO: CartoonY” modeled after super deformed illustrations by ヒョーゴノスケ / hypgonosuke.

And as one can see, both series are kicking off with new Miku figures! FURYU no doubt puts a lot of faith in the piapro brand for starting new product series!

Stay tuned for any more information on the new figures!


FURYU Prize official Twitter

FURYU official site

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