This Year's Sakura Miku Cafe Menu Item Designs

You’re most probably here because of the excitement I have surrounding the Sakura Miku Cafe in March and April… and I’m here to tell you all about the results for Piapro’s competition to design menu items for the Collabo with Animate Cafe .

So here are the winners:

In no particular order, first up we have 7:24 , with their “Sakura Miku Dual Coloured Parfait”! It’s supposed to contain matcha or sakura ice cream, small leaf shaped cookies (or senbei), hanami style dango, matcha mousse, yogurt mousse, matcha / sakura agar jelly cubes and sakura shaped agar!

Next (on the right) is ia, with the “Amazake Milk Tea”, containing amazake (a non alcoholic type of drink, black tea, milk, a small sakura blossom and whipped cream!

Third up is R_pro_09, with the “Sakura Miku Miku Mi-cream soda”. It’s drawn containing blue soda, a vanilla ice cream “Miku” and strawberry -, white- and milk chocolate for her accessories. They even drew a little coaster design too!

Zuu has designed a rather cute “Sakura Miku Full Bloom Chazuke”. Inside it are supposed to be small pieces of spring onion, fried onigiri, salmon flakes and sakura shaped “kamaboko” (cute, cylindrically shaped fish paste made for soups).

My favourite menu item so far would be the “Rin-chan Kirakira Orange Juice”, by あみる (Amiru). It has orange jelly, orange soda, star shaped “nata de coco”, frozen mango, canned mikan (a citrus fruit similar to an orange), square pieces of apple, all topped off with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles.

Our first design for Luka is the “Luka’s Warabimochi Ichigo Ore”, with strawberry flavoured milk and warabimochi (bracken starch dumpling, which sort of looks like jelly), chocolate sauce and Luka’s number as a chocolate decoration. Thanks to アメタコ (Ametako) for that!

うごちゃん (Ugochan) designed a “Sakura Miku Soda”, with vanilla ice cream, sakura soda, agar jelly and sakura warabimochi.

The “Mochimochi Shiratama ZenZai” is a zenzai (soup made from azuki) with flavoured rice flour dumplings, mint, red bean paste and sakura flavoured sauce, drawn by かしゅー (Kashuu)

キノ (Kino) drew an adorable pairing of the “Rin-chan Amber Annin” (with apricot pudding, chocolate, mint and mango sauce) and the “Miku-san Green Soba”. The latter is designed with matcha soba noodles, Miku motif kamaboko, spring onion and wakame seaweed… all in a special Miku bowl!

A particularly cute design was made by ぐるくま (Gurukuma) the “Sakura Miku O-Hanami Bento”, with its sakura and egg flavoured rice, weiners in the shape of octopuses, and tamagoyaki (rolled omelette).

ふぇーりす (Felis) has created the “Luka’s Seafood Plate”, including an octopus salad, mentaiko pasta (mentaiko is a type of pollock roe usually seen in paste form), wakame and egg soup.

From へこぽん (Hekopon) we have the “Sakura Miku Fuwa Fuwa Hidden Home Dorayaki”, a tiny pancake with fresh cream, ankou and “gyuuhi” (a confectionary similar to turkish delight).

Another favourite of mine is the “Rin and Len Getting Along Picnic Combo) by ヤマネ (Yamane)… especially because of the name. There are sandwiches with a potato salad filling, some with cream cheese and marmalade inside, as well as potato cut into star shapes, and an egg salad on the side. Don’t forget about the cute motifs on top of the sandwiches (which are attached with toothpicks!).

リーフ (riifu) designed a “mysterious but cute” Kaito-themed ice cream float, with a mini cone on top and sparkles inside. They’ve even added a little sparkly gummy scarf onto the ice cream!

Some really cute waffles have been drawn by 恢斗(Kaito), with chocolate, mango sauce and vanilla ice cream. A stack of triangular waffles with a chocolate flakes… count me in!

水っぽいスープ (Koorippoi Soup) wants some pink sakura style drinks with special pink cups at the cafe! The best part is that even when the drink has been finished, the cup still looks really pretty, especially with the cherry blossom motifs on the outside.

An interesting idea for a Meiko themed drink came from 茶だんご (Chadango), with their “Meiko’s Sangria Style Cranberry Juice”.

氷菓子(カナ) (Koori Okashi -Kana/Aisu) has a particularly cute idea for a Kaito themed cappuccino, with the “Attakappuccino”, which has the design of Kaito’s coat on top of it!

And last but not least… a design for the “Meiko Coloured Burger”, with tomato, white cheese, onion, and Meiko written in Ketchup! (Drawn by 夜明ほしこ (Yoake Hoshiko).

(All winning entries can be seen properly on the Piapro blog).

Wow… that’s A LOT of potential menu items! Which one do you think you’d like best? We’ll soon see what they look like in real life, but for now that’s all the news we have on the Sakura Miku x Goodsmile Company x Animate Cafe collabo.

If you’d like to read more about the Sakura Miku collabo cafe this year, you can read all about it in our other article here.

Thanks for reading!


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